Canteen News

Thank you to all our fantastic volunteers. We really appreciate your ongoing help! We are always in need of new volunteers so if you have a couple of hours between 9am and 1pm we would love to have your help.

Canteen volunteers need to complete the following before commencing in the canteen:

  • A Volunteer Application form
  • Have a current Working with Children Check (WWCC - available online)
  • Responding to Abuse and Neglect training (RAN - available online)
  • Completed a Volunteer General Induction training (online)
  • Signed Volunteer Agreement

For more information on volunteering please see Jo in the front office or see Anita or Ann in the canteen to find out more about the canteen.

Unfortunately there are many outstanding bills from emergency lunches that have been provided this term. Payments can be made via the Qkr! app and it would be appreciated if you could finalise your payments promptly. Thank you. 

Keep an eye out for the Showdown doughnuts which will be available on Friday 6th August.

We would like to thank all families for your continued support of the canteen. Have a great weekend!

Anita Viskic - Canteen Manager 

Quiz Night 2021

We need your help!! Seeking auction items or vouches for our upcoming Quiz Night.

We are asking for support from our generous school community and local businesses, to donate auction items/vouchers of any goods or services you may be able to offer for our 90’s Music themed quiz night.

  • Restaurant
  • Fashion/Retail
  • Holiday Rental
  • Photography
  • Beauty
  • Jewellery
  • Hairdressing
  • Sporting Club
  • Gardener

Or anything else!

Local businesses will be advertised in our promotional material, as well as receiving recognition in the school newsletter prior to, and after the event.

Items and vouchers can be dropped into the front office or alternatively they can be emailed to

R-4 Science with Mrs Brace

Term 2 has been a busy and exciting time for exploring Physics.  Classes have learnt that engineers and scientists use their knowledge of forces and motion to design things.  Year 1's have explored light and sound through a variety of experiments and have learnt all about invisible sound vibrations and bending light through prisms to make rainbows.

Year 3's have made discoveries that metal materials conduct heat better than plastic and are therefore better for melting chocolate.  Who doesn't love a chocolate fondue experiment? Yum!!  All students have focused on developing their scientific language to describe forces on moving objects.  (Paper helicopters, aeroplanes, hoop gliders, kites, physics toys, marble runs) It has been so rewarding observing students using scientific vocabulary in their speaking and writing. 

"The clips we added to our paper helicopter caused gravity to pull it faster to the ground just like we had predicted."
 "We need to create more momentum to keep the marble moving."
 "Friction allowed us to control the speed of the marble run."
 "I can see my marble travelling through the transparent tube."
 Our second helicopter with larger wings flew to the ground slowly due to extra air resistance.
 "We designed a sneaker sole with lots of bumps and grooves adding friction so the basketballer wouldn't slip over."

Performing Arts News Term 2 Week 9

Congratulations to the Mitcham Primary Festival of Music Choir! On Wednesday 16th June, they were visited by Festival of Music conductor Cathy who listened to their progress on this year’s repertoire. Cathy was impressed with the presentation of the choir, their general  knowledge of the repertoire as well as their beautiful singing.

The choir will be performing in the Festival of Music at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday 11th September at 7:00pm. Tickets will go on sale through Ticketek on August 2. A special congratulations to Jonty who will be hosting two of the Festival of Music concerts. This will be an amazing experience and one that is well earned!

                Choir.jpg                    Winter_concert.png

Concert Band students will need to arrive by 5:45pm on Wednesday night for warm-up and tuning. Parents will need to complete COVID check-in and adhere to the 2 adults per child rule. Extra adults attendees will be confirmed on Monday. Students must bring their instrument, music and be dressed in black.

Amanda Rugari -

Landcare Australia/Woolworths Sustainability Grant

The Year 7 Cohort were successful in gaining a grant for a sustainability project this year. We were competing with thousands of applicants from all over the country.

We plan to build and grow an edible garden with Australian product Vegepod, a safe, contained, portable and accessible raised garden bed. We will utilise Vegepod’s schooling program ‘Sprouters’ which includes sustainable food production, introducing agriculture to our students.

We plan to grow various herbs and vegetables, including some indigenous food plants, and use them in various ways over the next two terms. The children will be involved in the construction of Vegepods, preparing healthy soil and compost, growing edible plants by seed, caring for the edible garden including watering, harvesting, sharing, eating and cooking the produce. The children will be involved in critical thinking, teamwork, environmental stewardship, expression of creativity and problem-solving.

Representatives from Woolworths Mitcham marked this achievement by presenting our Year 7 Leaders with a certificate and cheque for $955 at our last school assembly.

Sapsasa Sports


On Friday the 18th of June, the Year 6 and Year 7 Sapsasa netball knock-out teams braved the cold and rain and had a great day of competition. Our games were played at Glen Osmond Primary, with their two outdoor courts providing a great setting for both teams to play on the same day.

The first Year 7 game against Glen Osmond Primary School saw us win by a strong margin, with all girls playing their role on court and helping the team to our victory. The first Year 6 game for the day was against Highgate Primary School, and they were a very strong team. All of the girls fought right until the end of the match and gave it their all, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get the victory.

The second Year 7 game against Highgate saw a very close and physical match-up all over the court, with our girls fighting for every ball and working until the final whistle. They just missed out on two wins. The second game for the Year 6’s was against Glen Osmond Primary School they displayed great skill and endeavour and had a strong final win for the day.

Congratulations to all girls that were involved in the team on a successful and enjoyable day.

A further congratulations to Olivia D (year 7) and Chelsea B (year 6) who were selected into the City South Netball District team.

Laura Scriven, Year 4 Teacher at Mitcham


On Fridy of Week 6 our Sapsasa Boys Soccer team competed at St Peter's College in a day carnival against St Peter's, Cabra Dominican College and Woodend Primary. The boys fought hard all day against some tough competition and unfortunately couldn't come away with a win. The highlight was their last game against Woodend with Mitcham coming together to create plenty of chances to score and putting one to the back of the net. Well done boys for continuing to compete hard all day and thankyou to David Wiltshire for coaching.

District Teams

Some of our students have been representing our district at the various sporting carnivals this term. Congratulations to Chelsea B and Olivia D for playing in the Year 6 and Year 7 Netball teams and to Jackson B and Jonny O in the Year 6 Football team.

Year 7 to High School in 2022 Update

In 2022, year 7 and 8 students will start high school in the same year for the first and only time. We are working hard to ensure the move is smooth and successful for all families and our broader school communities.

Please see attached flyer with an update on student transition to High School in 2022.

Student Mobile Phone and Device Policy

Over the past few weeks, staff, SRC students and Governing Council have provided input into the review of our MPS student mobile phone and device policy. This is in line with State Government policy that primary school students must not access mobile phones and personal electronic devices during school hours.

Whilst we already implement a policy where mobile phones are stored in the office, there are now many more students bringing phones to school, creating an issue for how to safely transport and store them in the office. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of students wearing smartwatches, which isn’t addressed in the current policy.

In consultation with students, staff and Governing Council, the following decisions have been made:

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and devices will be stored in a lockable cupboard in the classroom during school hours. We have purchased suitable storage containers for classes and are awaiting delivery.


Smartwatches without cellular capacity may be worn as a trial in 2021, however are only to be used as a timekeeping device. The associated phone must be switched off and placed in classroom lockable storage. Smartwatches with cellular capacity are considered in the same category as a mobile phone and must be stored in classroom lockable storage.

A form will be sent home for parents to advise teachers regarding students’ mobile phones and the cellular capacity of smartwatches.

The full policy can be accessed through this link and will be launched by the end of Term 2.

Indigenous Culture for Kids with Trent Hill

Our Reception classes were so excited to welcome Trent Hill to school on Tuesday to celebrate Reconciliation Week. Trent loves coming to our beautiful grounds and described how the Kaurna land that we learn on used to be covered in metre high reeds, grass and many more River Red gum trees thousands of years ago.

He also told us a special Dreaming story of ‘How the Koala lost its tail’. We were sad to hear that the koala had been selfish, lazy and greedy, stealing and hiding water just for himself. The other animals were so upset that they made a fire at the base of the koala’s tree to release the water which burnt off the koala’s tail! That is also why the koala needs to eat gum leaves to drink.

Aboriginal Dreaming stories are important for teaching rules for living and the importance of caring for the environment. We were so amazed to watch Trent make a small fire in front of our lizard just by rubbing sticks together! Did you know that fire has been used for thousands of years for warmth, cooking, making bush medicine, canoes and tools, for signalling and helping the land to regenerate?!

We also loved seeing Trent’s artefacts and listening to him play animal sounds on his didgeridoo. Trent is such a wonderful teacher of his culture and such a fun and friendly person. We hope he can come back to visit us again sometime soon.

Drawing_1_IMG_0237.jpg    Drawing_2_IMG_0236.jpg    Group_IMG_4796.jpg    IMG_0244.jpg 

 IMG_0248.jpg         Trent_Dreaming_story_IMG_0242.jpg    Trent_fire_2_IMG_0180.jpg    IMG_4811.JPG

From the Library Term 2 Week 5

On Wednesday 19 May, a number of our classes participated in National Simultaneous Storytime 2021. This event is held annually with children across Australia simultaneously reading the same book by an Australian author and illustrator to promote Australian authors and children’s literacy.

 This year, an estimated 1,980,280 readers Australia-wide read Give Me Some Space! by Phillip Bunting together. As a very special treat this year, students were able to hear the book read by NASA astronaut Dr. Shannon Walker from the International Space Station!

After reading the story, classes participated in a number of activities based around space. Several classes built or drew their own spaceships, and Mrs Judd’s Performing Arts class performed a movement activity based around space travel. The library ran a school-wide rocket competition – with students either building, drawing or colouring a rocket for the chance to win space-themed prizes, with many great entries received.

Mr Greenshields had the difficult job of choosing four winners. The lucky students were: Austin from Room 7, Hudson from Room 3, Clarrie from Room 19 and Emma from Room 28

Please enjoy our photos from this event.

               Storytime_1.jpg                    Storytime_2.jpg