Diary Dates

Please see below the upcoming important dates and school events for the remainder of term 4 2023.

Tuesday 28th November  Family Night
Friday 8th December Year 6 Social
 Wednesday 13th December Whole School Transition
Thursday 14th December Year 6 Graduation Ceremony
Friday 15th December End of Term 4 - Early Dismissal 2.15pm


Sports Day 2023

Conratulations Devonshire & Mellor

Thank you to all our students and families for your contribution to an amazing Sports Day.

Congratulations goes to Devonshire for achieving the highest number of points and winning the Sports Day Shield. This year the Values Cup was awarded to Mellor, for demonstrating the school values and excellent sportsmanship across the day.

We would like to thank all the teachers, SSO’s, parents and students who helped throughout the day. The House Captains did an amazing job and dedicated hours of practice for our health hustle, setting up early in the morning, as well as supporting teachers at events during the day and organising their houses for sprints, relays and chants. 


   Sports_day_5.jpg   Sports_day_6.jpg   Sports_day_7.jpg   Sports_day_8.jpg

Year 6 Business and Economics: Market Day

For the last few weeks, our year 6 cohort has been very busy planning, budgeting, making and marketing products for their market stalls. The big day finally rolled around on Friday 17th November.

Here are some thoughts from a couple of our students:

“To begin our project, we had to think about what makes a successful business. Then we had to get into a group and draft a business plan. A business plan is when you decide on the product you’re going to sell, your business name, design, pricing and costing, as well as think about any potential problems you might face and how to overcome them. Before we started making our products we needed to think about all our expenses and assign jobs for each group member.

Then came the making.

The day of the markets dawned bright and sunny: we were all nervous and excited for the day. We had to bring all our equipment and products to school. We all set up our products, marketing, decorations and signs; some of us had music to dance to. Once the customers came it was very hectic but so much fun. When it was all over, we were very proud of our efforts and happy with our sales numbers”

Abby and Clarrie

Everyone’s hard work paid off as we raised over $3,000 for the school! A tremendous effort! A big thank you to all the parents who spent many hours helping their children with advice, transport and moral support! 

Yr_6_Business_3.jpg   Yr_6_Business_7.jpg   Yr_6_Business_10.jpg   Yr_6_Business_6.jpg   Yr_6_Business_9.jpg      Yr_6_Business_2.jpg   Yr_6_Business_1.jpg

Exploring the Microscopic World at Mitcham

One of the highlights of this term was the visit of an electron microscope right here at Mitcham Primary School!

Our enthusiastic science teachers, Mrs. Doull and Mrs. Brace, led the students on an extraordinary journey into the microscopic world, opening their eyes to the wonders that exist beyond what meets the naked eye. The electron microscope, provided by Inspire Education, brought the tiniest details of various objects into sharp focus, creating a week filled with awe and discovery.

Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to examine a diverse range of specimens, including insects, flowers, and various materials. The electron microscope revealed intricate details that are often overlooked in our day-to-day observations. The sense of wonder and amazement on the students' faces was truly heartwarming as they discovered the hidden beauty of the world around them.

Mrs. Doull and Mrs. Brace did an outstanding job guiding the students through this hands-on learning experience. They explained the scientific concepts in a way that was both engaging and sparked curiosity and encouraging questions from our young scientists.

In addition to the microscopic explorations, students were also involved in interactive activities and discussions, further enhancing their understanding of the microscopic world. The week was not only educational but also a lot of fun, as the students actively participated in each session with enthusiasm and curiosity.

We would like to extend our thanks to Inspire Education for bringing this incredible learning opportunity to Mitcham Primary School. Such experiences play a crucial role in inspiring a love for science and fostering a lifelong curiosity for the world around us.

As parents, we encourage you to engage with your children about their experiences during this special week. Ask them about the objects they observed under the microscope, and perhaps, even try exploring the microscopic world together at home!

Take a look below at some of our favourite images from the week!

Lachlan Norman - Digital Technologies Coordinator

 butterfly_headx30_1.jpg   butterfly_wing_scale_joinx1.0k_1.jpg   geranium_flower_petalx500_1.jpg   geranium_flower_pollenx1.0k_1.jpg

Family Night 2023

We look forward to seeing our Mitcham families next Tuesday 28th November for our end-of-year celebration Family Night. At this stage the weather forecast looks fine, however in the event of rain or extreme temperatures we may need to reschedule. We will advise families if this is the case by 3pm on Tuesday. Please see flyer attached for information. Families are welcome to come along from 5pm and enjoy a BYO picnic tea on the oval, while listening to some musical performances. Students will meet their teachers at the classroom at 5.40pm, ready for performances to begin at 6.00pm. It is going to be a fantastic night of music and dancing!

Library News

Borrowing in Term 4

Friday 1st December (week 7) will be the last day for student borrowing. All books should be returned by Wednesday 6th December (week 8). If your child is unable to find a book please pass a message through their teacher or email vasi.gelasakis474@schools.sa.edu.au.  


Yours in Reading

Vasi and Sunyoung

Second Hand Uniforms

A reminder that the uniform shop not only sells new uniforms but also has a range of pre-loved uniforms at reasonable prices. Opening times are Tuesday from 8.30am to 9.30am and Wednesday 3.00pm to 4.00pm.

Canteen News

I would like to thank our fantastic volunteers for their ongoing support in the canteen this year, we really appreciate your assistance.

If your child has been given an emergency lunch order, could you please make your payment via Qkr! as soon as possible. As we are coming to the end of the year our menu options will be limited as we will not be replenishing stock until the new year.  

Anita, Ann and Kerry - Canteen Staff

Year 6 Graduation Disco

The Year 6 Mitcham Primary School Graduation Disco will be held on Friday 8th December. See flyer below for details.


Science News - Citizen Science

Citizen Science opportunity this weekend!

The 'Great Southern BioBlitz', or 'GSB' for short, is an international period of intense biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within several designated areas across the Southern Hemisphere in Spring. The #GSB23 will be held from the 24th until the 27th of November, incorporating different communities, areas and regions across the Southern Hemisphere. See https://www.greatsouthernbioblitz.org/how-to-participate-in-the-gsb

It's a chance to contribute to some real international Citizen Science. Consider observing in your local park, backyard or even the school grounds! All you need to do is install and use the iNaturalist App to upload photos or sounds of living things in your location. Birds, plants, insects, lizards, fungi - anything living that you find. Focus on wild rather than cultivated examples. There's also some suggested challenges that you could try. Tip - you can change privacy settings between precise and approximate location for each observation, so you can upload the general area rather than your precise location. It would be great to see lots of observations near the school this year! Find something new with our #GSB23 Challenges