On Tuesday, NAPLAN testing began for our Year 3, 5 and 7 students. During this week and next, they will be participating in tests for writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Apart from Year 3 writing, all of our NAPLAN tests are being conducted online.

We encourage parents and students to view NAPLAN as just one of the many different types of activities we do at school - it shouldn’t be a stressful time and does not replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance. It is one way we gather information about how education programs are working and whether our students are meeting important educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

The online testing is progressing very smoothly at our school, with only a few minor technology issues which we have been able to resolve quickly in each instance.

Students who are absent on their scheduled testing days will be offered catch up sessions upon their return. All testing will be completed by next Friday. 

Mother's Day Stall

Thank you to all the families who purchased gifts from this year's Mother's Day Stall. The students were very careful when trying to select your special Mother's Day gifts. We hope you loved them!

Thanks to the Year 6 and 7 leaders and amazing mums who were able to help out with planning, setting up and serving on the day of the stall. We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day celebration on Sunday.

Fundraising Committee

Student Achievement

Two of our Link students, Tom Mattinson and Ryan Day participated in the National Track and Field competition on the 19th of April at Sydney Olympic Park. 

The boys competed in the National Under 15 Race Running event which was the first time Athletics Australia has held this event. The field was strong with 3 competitors from QLD, 1 from NSW (Current 5 World Record Holder) and 2 from SA. Thomas came first place and Ryan came 5th overall. This sport will be included in the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Congratulations boys - we are all proud of you.

RyanIMAG2624.jpg       Tom001.jpg       Ryan_2_IMAG2625.jpg       Tom003.jpg  

Diary Dates

Please find below upcoming important dates and school events to record in your diary.

Friday 21st May Last day for Year 6 & 7 Transition submissions
Monday 17th May - Friday 21st May NAPLAN continues
Wednesday 19th May Be Fit to Sit Parent Workshop - 6.30pm
Monday 24th May Pupil Free Day
Monday 14th June Queen's Birthday public holiday
Friday 2nd July Last day of Term 2 - Early dismissal 2.15pm


From the Library Term 2 Week 3

Citizenship Committee in the Library

This year the Citizenship Committee is helping in the library on a regular basis. The Committee consists of year 6 and 7 students: Avani, Michaela, Mary, Izzy and Lilly. 

The Committee will be: 

  • Helping with the Scholastic Book club orders and deliveries;
  • Purchasing books for the library with book club rewards;
  • Meeting with book retailers to hear about new books and choose some for the library; and
  • Promoting the Premiers Reading Challenge. 

National Simultaneous Storytime

Next Wednesday a number of our classes are participating in National Simultaneous Storytime. This event is held annually around Australia and the world. Last year there were 129700 children reading the same book simultaneously. This year the book is being read by astronaut Dr Shannon Walker from the International Space Station!

To help celebrate National Simultaneous Storytime the library is holding a competition with a number of prizes to be won. To enter students need to colour in, design or draw a rocket or spaceship. Entries close Wednesday Week 5 and winners will be announced on the Friday. 

Yours in reading,

Sophie and Nicole

Be Fit to Sit Parent Workshop

We are lucky enough to have physiotherapist Kym Siddons, presenting a parent workshop on Wednesday May 19th at 6.30pm for a contribution of $5.00 per family.

 Please see the attached flyer for further information. We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more from her on how you can help you and your children to be more active and support your health and well-being.

Traffic Awareness

The school has recently been contacted by the council’s Community Safety office with concerns about how our parents and carers are parking in the streets adjacent to our school. They have informed us that they are closely monitoring how cars are parked and issuing parking expiation notices to those who breach the Australian Road Rules 1999.

We ask that you do not obstruct our neighbour’s driveways, drop off your children in areas which are clearly marked ‘No Standing’, block intersections or double park your vehicle which stops the flow of traffic around our neighbourhood. Attached is a copy of the Road Rules for you to peruse. Please note that the school is unable to offer advice or discuss issues related to receiving an expiation notice. Should you have any queries regarding parking control matters please contact Mitcham Council’s Community Safety office on 8372 8870. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Finance News

Materials & Services Payment Overdue

Statements were sent home to all families with Materials and Services outstanding balances and were due to be paid by the end of Term 1. Any extension on this time can be arranged by setting up a Direct Debit or Payment Plan. Please email for the authorization form as soon as possible. Thank you to the families that have already made arrangements to pay or applied for School Card.

Excursion and Activities

All excursions and other school activities must be paid for and a consent form received prior to the event to enable your child to attend. Please speak directly to the Finance team if you need help in this matter.

Payment Options

 Qkr_logo.pngHave you downloaded the Qkr! Phone App yet? It's our preferred method of payment. There is also the option of making payment via the Qkr! web page. You will find the link on the school website at 

Other payment methods:

Payments in a named envelope or zip lock bag, along with the invoice/consent form, can be placed in the payment box at the entrance to the office at any time and receipts will be forwarded to the classroom. The Financae Office cash window is open every day during the school term between 8.30am and 9.30am for enquiries and to accept payments by cash, cheque or eftpos.

School Card

The School Card Scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (Materials & Services charges). To check your eligibility and to apply online go to the SA.GOV website via the link: If you are eligible for the School Card Scheme and have not yet applied, please do so as soon as possible. Eligible Families need to complete a new School Card application each school year. If you need help completing the form please contact the School Card section on 1800 672 758 (free call).

You will be notified by the School Card Section of the outcome of your application, please do not pay any money towards your Materials and Services charge until you know the outcome.

Year 6 and 7 to High School in 2022

Starting high school is a big and exciting step for any student. For our current year 6s, it will also be historic, as they will be part of the first class to begin year 7 in South Australia’s public high schools in 2022.

Please see attached flyer for further information. Registrations close on Friday 21st May and must be submitted regardless of whether your child will be attending a government or non-government secondary school. 

2021 Sports Day


For winning The Sports Day Shield! Sports day was a little earlier than usual this year and although warm it turned out to be a beautiful day. This year congratulations go to Devonshire for achieving the highest amount of points on Sports Day.

Our very important Values cup, awarded to the team that demonstrates the school values and sportsmanship throughout the day, was also won by Devonshire.

We would like to thank all the teachers, SSO’s, students, parents and all others who helped throughout the day. Without all your effort and enthusiasm this day would not be possible. There is no doubt the house captains did an amazing job. They dedicated hours of practice for our health hustle, came in early to help set up, supporting teachers at events during the day and organising their houses for the sprints and relays.

Sports_Day_2.jpg     Sports_Day_3.jpg    Sports_Day_4.jpg

All week people were excited for Sports Day because of all the fun and challenging events. One of the favourite events were Wheelchair Relays. It was a very fun and enjoyable event. 

A special thank you goes to the parents who helped with the “sausage sizzle”, cooking, preparing class orders, selling and cleaning up. A massive 1200 sausages were sold! Our fundraising committee thank you!

Thank you for all the people who came and participated at 2021 Sports Day.

Year 6/7 Media Committee