Diary Dates

Please see below the upcoming important dates and school events.

Friday 5th July   Last Day of Term 2 - Early Dismissal 2.15pm
Monday 22nd July     Pupil Free Day
Tuesday 23rd July Term 3 commences
 Thursday 5th September  Open Night
Friday 6th September School Closure Day

Building a Positive Numeracy Culture

This term, our teachers have been actively working on Maths mindsets in the classroom to ensure our students are equipped with the virtues required to be successful mathematicians. The mindsets which have been of particular interest for our teachers and students are the following:

  • Everyone can learn maths to a high level
  • Believe in yourself, it changes what you can do
  • Maths is about creativity and making sense
  • Mistakes and challenges are the best time for your brain
  • Maths is about learning not performing
  • Questions & discussions deepen your mathematical understanding
  • Visualize and make connections to strengthen your brain
  • Depth is more important than speed!

Using these mindsets as a part of regular discussion and reflection in maths has already seen a positive shift in engagement, confidence and problem solving for some of our learners. Many students have identified that these mindsets are relevant in other subject areas, with classes exploring these dispositions and the connection to French with Madame Hillman!


To further support a positive numeracy culture, our teachers have been utilising resources such as dice and cards to allow students to be creative and visualise their knowledge with thinking and reasoning games. This has allowed our students to go ‘deep’ with their understanding of many mathematical concepts through natural discussions which arise from these games.

At home you can support this learning by creating an environment where maths is spoken about in a positive manner, recognising the strategies and processes, not just correct answers. By cohesively supporting these mindsets, we are equipping our learners with the most important skills to be successful mathematicians in the future world they will be a part of.

Laura Scriven, Maths Coordinator

Digitech Incursion

Over the last few weeks, T1, T2, G1 and G2 had a fabulous visit from Goo Roo Animation. During these half day workshops, students were introduced to stop motion technology via an app on the iPad. A range of stop motion techniques were viewed before students were shown how to make their own short videos. Over the half day session, students worked in small groups to design a character out of plasticine and work out a short story to match the selected scene. Students demonstrated not only creativity, imagination and story telling skills, but they also had to show resilience, perseverance and negotiation skills in order to make their videos.

Over the course of Term 3, students will continue to develop their own stop motion skills as part of our learning in Digital Technology. In small groups, students will be involved in planning, designing and making their own stop motion videos. These videos will cover a range of topics linked to classroom learning. We hope to share some of these at Open Night at the end of term 3.

This is what we thought of our incursion:

“I made a horse for my Wild West movie. It was great fun.” Cruz – co-creator of Wild West G1

We had to take lots of photos whilst moving the characters around. It was a bit tricky but lots of fun. By Joshua – co creator of the Toxic Wasteland movie

It was great using the materials to create characters, I liked using the toothpicks to add arms and legs. The product at the end was amazing.
by Beau co-creator of the Space Movie T1

"Claymation was really fun! We learnt so much and I really liked how everyone knew what they were doing and tried their hardest. I hope we get to do more later this year."   Mila Winter wonderland G2

 Incursion_2_1.jpg   Incursion_3.jpg   Incursion_4_1.jpg   Incursion_1A.png   


Well, this will be my final entry. I started teaching in 1980 as a classroom junior primary teacher. Forty five years later and I have seen many changes. I have taught in Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Burnside, Oakbank, Glenelg, Hahndorf, Gilles Plains, and finally Mitcham.

I have been at Mitcham for 21 years, teaching performing arts for the last 40 years including preschool and toddler music. Even as a child I had my blackboard in the backyard and taught my dolls. It is all I ever wanted to do. I spent many holidays volunteering in child related activities. I majored in Drama and Educational psychology and have continued my passion in both areas.

Your children have given me so much joy. I have loved creating lessons and performances WITH them and FOR them. The first Christmas concert in my first year here was only junior primary classes, as we were two schools then, and it was held in the Unley High School hall. We then moved it to Magic Millions and bussed the students down for a day's practise. Many students will still remember the fabulous constumes the parents made. 

I have loved watching the enthusiasm and watching the students develop in confidence and creativity. I am going to miss you all and miss the fun we have had together. 

Gayle Judd - JP Music teacher


Uniform and Dress Code

Our uniform helps to create a sense of community and belonging in all students and proudly identifies our students at all times. It ensures that students are well presented and dressed in a consistent manner for a wide variety of school activities.

We ask for your support in ensuring that students wear the correct school uniform at all times.

Dress Code

The colours of the uniform are royal blue with gold trim, and navy and gold for Year 6 students.  The uniform consists of:

  • Navy blue long pants for both boys and girls
  • Knee to mid-thigh length navy shorts for boys and girls
  • Knee to mid-thigh length navy skort
  • Royal blue polo t-shirt and jumper with MPS logo - Year R-5
  • Navy blue polo shirts and jumper - Year 6 only
  • School summer dress (Term 1 & 4), skirt or pinafore in MPS plaid
  • Navy blue hat with a wide brim


  • One set of studs or sleeper earrings only
  • Coloured nail polish and makeup are not to be worn
  • Hair should be a natural colour and neatly tied back if shoulder length or more (boys and girls)
  • Hair accessories may be worn in school colours only


  • Supportive and comfortable closed shoe or sandal in plain colours. Black, white or navy blue is preferred for shoes and socks, which should be short in style.
  • Navy tights may be worn under the winter pinafore.

Please be aware that leggings, jeans and short sports shorts are not part of the uniform and should not be worn. Long sleeve MPS polo shirts may be worn in cooler weather, however skivvies and long sleeves should not be visible underneath short sleeve polo shirts or summer dresses.

Enrolment for 2025

Do you have a child beginning Reception in 2025?

We are now preparing to plan next year’s classes!

To help us gain an accurate record of student numbers, please complete an expression of interest form on the MPS website as soon as possible.


From 2024, Department for Education schools offer two starting dates for Reception children – the beginning of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 3.

If your child turns five years old before 1st May, they will start Reception on the first day of Term 1 that year. Students who enrol in the Term 1 intake will complete 4 terms of Reception.

If your child turns five between 1st May and 31st October, they can start school in either Term 3 of the same year OR Term 1 of the following year. Students who enrol in the Term 3 intake will complete 6 terms of Reception.

When will enrolment offers be made?

Enrolment offers for children starting school in Term 1 will begin in the first week of August this year.

Enrolment offers for children starting Reception in Term 3 will begin in March next year.


State Netball Carnival

Well done to Abigail T who competed for the City South District at the State Sapsasa Netball Championships in Week 8.

State Cross Country

Congratulations to Nate G, Leo P, Lilian D, Ashleigh W, Olivia B, Annabel B and Sonja W who travelled to Oakbank Racecourse on Thursday June 6th to compete at the State Cross Country Championships.


Our boys side travelled to Barratt Reserve at West Beach on Monday June 17th to play in a day carnival against seven other schools. Finishing second in their pool with two wins and a loss the boys ended up going down 3-1 to Coromandel Valley PS in their Semi Final and finishing fourth.


Clint Rowland, PE Teacher

From the Library

Term 3 will be a busy one for us here in the library – we have Book Week; the Great Book Swap and the Premier’s Reading Challenge is coming to an end.

Book Week is week 5. On Friday the 23rd of August we will celebrate with a dress up day. We would love to see students dressed as their favourite book character or dressed up to suit this year’s theme Reading is Magic.

During Book Week we will be hosting a Great Book Swap with all funds raised going to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We ask that you send your child with a book/s to donate to the Great Book Swap. Books are being collected in the library from now. During the Great Book Swap children can take home a book in return for a gold coin donation.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge closes on the 6th of September. School holidays are a fantastic time for children to read and we would appreciate if you could encourage your child to complete the challenge. We have additional forms available in the library and there is a wealth of information available online at https://premiersreadingchallenge.sa.edu.au/


Yours in reading, 

Vasi and Sunyoung

Canteen News

When children need an emergency lunch, they will be provided with a cheese toastie or a vegemite sandwich. These can then be paid for using the Emergency Lunch Payment option on the Qkr! app; simply enter the amount from the slip that was sent home with your child. If your child has recently been provided with an emergency lunch order, we ask that you please make payment as soon as possible. Thank you.

Happy Haven OSHC Pupil Free Day Activity

Happy Haven OSHC are holding a Mini Masterchef day on Friday 6th September for the Mitcham Primary School pupil free day.