Instrumental Music Program

At Mitcham School students from Years 3-7 have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and participate in either our band, ensemble or percussion group program. Our Private Providers offer tuition in clarinet, flute, saxophone, violin, trumpet, trombone, percussion and guitar.

Children begin learning an instrument and when confident (usually after a term of tuition) are expected to become a member of a Mitcham Primary School ensemble group or band. Students must remain with their band or ensemble whilst studying their instrument during school hours.

It is a user-pays system and fees are administered separately for each aspect of the program. Tuition fees are invoiced by the instrumental teacher for Instrumental lessons. A non-refundable Music Administration Fee is paid to the school for the band /ensemble program. Payment of all fees is required to continue in the program.

Lessons are held weekly, during school time. Students leave their classroom to attend their lesson and return approximately 30 minutes later. Suitable times are negotiated between families, the class teacher and the tutor.

Concert Leader: Performing Arts teacher - Amanda Rugari

Children joining the band are introduced to the skills of playing independently, playing as an ensemble and reading and performing their parts in a larger band setting.

Their first experience in playing with a band starts early in Term 2 with the view to moving to the next Band level as they become more confident. Membership to the next band level is negotiated between the instrumental teachers and the bandleaders.

The children learn a variety of band music, which increasingly becomes more challenging and appropriate to the skill levels of the students.


Children who learn percussion are expected to be a part of the Band or Ensemble program. Percussion players are required to join either one of the Bands and/or a Percussion Ensemble after one or two terms.

Rock ensemble

Children learning guitar and percussion are chosen to join this ensemble at the discretion of the tutors

Many opportunities exist for children to perform in bands and ensembles.

The learning of an instrument will require commitment and may involve:

· Missing at least one school subject period per week and making up for lost work.

· Finding a suitable place to practice every day.

· Participating in ensemble rehearsals and performances as required by the school music program.

· Being responsible for the care of an instrument.