STEM Extension

STEM Extension students have engaged in projects including creating Augmented Reality games, designing and coding robots, and creating digital circuitry using Minecraft. 

The criteria for selection in the STEM Extension program are as follows: 

  1. Assessment and Effort Grades in the Maths, Science, and Technologies Learning Areas 
  2. Stanine Score in PAT-M (a numeracy test given during Term 3 of each school year) 
  3. NAPLAN Score 
  4. Classroom Teacher Confirmation - Checking that the student is dispositionally suited to the challenge. 

Generally, all students involved in the program achieve an A grade in each of the three key learning areas, along with very high scores in the standardised testing. In the case that students cannot be split, preference is given to Year 4 students for the Year 3 and 4 group, and Year 6 students in the Year 5 and 6 group. A gender balance is also considered. 

These criteria are followed closely as places in the program are limited.