What is Sapsasa?

Sapsasa is a range of state-based sporting competitions based on districts. Mitcham Primary School resides in the City South district meaning students compete for City South teams and City South competitions. There are a number of types of competition. For further information please see the Mitcham Primary School Sapsasa policy document

District Competitions

These competitions generally run for a full week, and are run in term. They are open to Year 5 and 6 students. Students need to register for trials and, if successful, will be selected for the City South team. District teams include boys and girls soccer, netball, boys and girls Australian football, boys and girls touch football, boys and girls cricket, and boys and girls basketball. More information will be provided in newsletters as the trials for various events come up.

Knock-Out Competitions

Knock-out teams are selected for Mitcham Primary School and compete against teams in all districts, on a knock-out basis. Team trials are held within the school for knock-out teams. Year 5 and 6 students can trial but priority is given to Year 6 students if players are of similar ability. Mitcham Primary School is registered in the boys and girls soccer, football, and netball knock-out competitions. These teams are run within the school and require a manager and coach to go ahead. More information will be provided in newsletters as the trials for various events come up.

Cross Country

Cross Country is a one-day event run for the City South district, generally held at Belair National Park. The first runners across the line for each age group are selected for the state event at Oakbank.

District Day

District Day is a one-day athletics carnival for the City South district. Trials are run for athletics events throughout the year. Selected students for each event (usually one or two per event) compete at state day, and the winners of each event progress to the state day athletics carnival.