Science News

Year 4-7 Science
This term Biology in Room 30 has been busy, considering diversity and evolution, form and function, and interdependence and ecosystems. We have watched our tadpoles undergoing metamorphosis into Spotted Marsh Frogs, Silkworms munching on mulberry leaves and then cocooning themselves in silk, and our Spiny Leaf Insects getting on with hanging out in their Eucalypt leaves.

We planted green bean and sunflower seeds, and hopefully many of them have successfully grown into seedlings by now. We've also had an array of living visitors including a Huntsman Spider, a pair of Zebra Finches, two Green Tree Frogs, three Spinifex Hopping Mice, a Scorpion and a Bearded Dragon (Scooby). We all enjoyed getting to pat Scooby, and notice the adaptations and growth in our living things.

   Scorpion.jpg      Silk.jpg     Space_Seeds_17_Nov_2021.jpg     Spotted_Marsh_Frog.jpg

A group of Year 7 students who were involved in the application process last year have been involved in planting and monitoring the "space seeds" - as part of the "What'll happen to the wattle" project. We received 6 Golden Wattle seeds that had spent 6 months on the International Space Station, and 6 control seeds that remained on Earth. We planted them in week 3 and have been watching for any differences in their germination since. We hypothesised that there wouldn't be a difference in their growth, or maybe that the roots and shoots would not respond to gravity in the same way. We are monitoring their growth and will see what happens over the remainder of the term.       

Miriam Doull - 4-7 Science

R-4 Science 

This term in Biological Science students have been exploring the needs of living things and how they grow and change.  Students have loved caring for and learning about 'Baxter' the Bearded Dragon Lizard borrowed from Urrbrae Education Centre.  Our silkworms have all spun cocoons, and our tadpoles all have legs and shorter tails.  The spiny leaf insects are sitting on children's shoulders as they complete their writing tasks. There are plenty of ladybugs and larvae to be found in nature play on sunny days.  Students are working on clipboards as the tables are covered with fascinating specimens including nests, eggs, bones, fossils, insects, x-rays, microscopes and taxidermy animals.  We look forward to watching our seeds grow and flourish over the next few weeks.


Laura Brace R-3 Science

Urrbrae Wetlands Excursion

Rooms 1A, 4, 5 and 6 ventured to the Urrbrae Wetlands Learning Centre last week. Students saw first-hand how the wetlands are maintained and their purpose. Students got to have fun swooping, jiggling and sweeping to collect aquatic macroinvertebrates and looking at them under microscopes.

“I learnt about the trash racks, they collect rubbish so the water can be nice and clean. Someone comes with a digger to empty the trash racks and take it to the dump.” Remy S Room 5

“My favourite part of the excursion was collecting the bugs and looking at them under the microscope. I saw lots of details up close.” Lily K Room 6

     Wetlands_1.jpg     Wetlands_2.jpg     Wetlands_3.jpg     Wetlands_4.jpg

“I learnt how clean the water is, we tested it by looking down through a tube with a black and white bottom. If you could see the bottom it was clean, if you couldn’t see the bottom it was not clean. I learnt the leaf litter absorbs oxygen from the water, so we don’t want leaf litter in our wetland.” Rafan N Room 4

“My favourite part was catching the creatures because we got to put them on a plate and look at them close up under a microscope. There were so many different ones including a baby yabbie.” Baani M Room 1A
Wetlands_5.jpg  Wetlands_6.jpg   Wetlands_7.jpg   Wetlands_8.jpg

Room 17 and 18 Businesses update

There’s still time to purchase an item from our Room 17 and 18 ‘Kidpreneurs’!

Over the last term, students from Rooms 17 and 18 have been working on creating and managing their own entrepreneurial pursuits through the Economics and Business curriculum. Students were required to investigate the needs and wants of their target markets, consider costs and potential revenue to determine profitability, market their businesses and products with carefully designed logos and advertisements, and even design 3D ‘virtual shopfronts’ (which can be viewed by scanning the QR codes on posters found around the school!).

Students have been extremely engaged in the learning and creating process with many business lessons learnt along the way.

So far, over 200 sales have been made with a goal to raising $1,000 for the RSPCA. Pictured are just some of the products available, including scented candles, kokedamas, slime, and motivational fridge magnets! Check out the full range of businesses and products under Room 17 and 18 Businesses on the QKR app.

 Kidpreneurs_1.jpg   Kidpreneurs_2.jpg   Kidpreneurs_3.jpg   Kidpreneurs_4.jpg

Fair Play Award

Congratulations to Tyler, Jonah, Max, Edward, Lucas, Caprice, Zak and Liam for winning the SANFL schools YEAR 3 / 4 Fair Play Award 2021. On behalf of Mitcham Primary School we are very proud of you.

Carols at Kingswood Oval

The City of Mitcham invites the community to book free tickets to attend Carols at Kingswood Oval on Saturday 27th November 6pm to 9pm.

Hosted by South Australian media personality Andrew 'Cosi' Costello, this year's event will have a local community focus. Performers include Mitcham City Brass and choirs from Clapham Primary School, Hawthorndene Pirmary School and Gift Dance Students from Mitcham Girls High School. A nativity scene will be presented by Mitcham Churches Schools Ministry Group supported by the choir from St Therese School.

As required by SA Health, anyone wishing to attend this year's event will need to book their free tickets by visiting

From the Principal

Dear Parents & Carers,

It has been great to welcome you all back to school! I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with parents and grandparents that I haven’t seen in quite a while and hearing their news.

Term 4 has been a busy and exciting one so far however, there is still a lot more for us to do. Things can get a bit frantic as we work towards the end of a successful year so please make sure you check our calendar (via the website) to keep up to date about the many things still to happen this term.

Our students are busily practising for our Family Night event scheduled for 23rd November, 2021 (Week 7). We are currently reviewing our programme to ensure that it complies with the COVID related regulations as advised by the Chief Public Health Officer. More information will be forwarded to families once the finer details have been ironed out.

The Graduation Ceremony for our Year 6 & 7 students is scheduled for 9th December, 2021 (Week 9). Our senior students are thoroughly enjoying sharing in the management of the event and can’t wait to share it with their families. Our senior years teachers will be contacting their families with more information soon.

We are also looking forward to welcoming our new reception students for 2022 as they commence their transition to school programme. The transition visits are scheduled for Wednesday 17th November (Week 6), Wednesday 1st December (Week 8) and Wednesday 8th December. The last visit coincides with the transition programme for our new Year 1 to 6 students who will also be making the move to Mitcham Primary next year and for our existing students who will visit with their new teachers.

Our class placement process is well underway. Thank you to parents and carers for providing information to help us with this huge task. If your circumstances change, please let us know as soon as possible.  An email to your class teacher or the front office staff would be much appreciated. 

Once again welcome back and thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards, Scott

Diary Dates Term 4 2021

Please find below updates to important dates and school events for Term 4 2021.

Thursday 4th November PCW presentations to graduating students by local High Schools at MPS
Friday 5th November Year 6 transitioning to year 7 2022 walk to UHS for half day
Monday 8th November Year 7 transitioning to year 8 2022 walk to UHS for half day
Wednesday 17th November First Receptions 2022 transition visit
Tuesday 23rd November Family Night
Wednesday 1st December Second Receptions 2022 transition visit
Thursday 2nd December Senior Social
Wednesday 8th December Whole school transition 
Thursday 9th December Year 6/7 Graduation
Friday 10th December Last Day Term 4 - Early Dismissal 2.15pm

Fundraising News

This week your child has brought home a book of 10 raffle tickets for your family to sell to friends and other family members as our final fundraising event this year. There are great prizes to be won, including lots of Christmas goodies!

Tickets are $1 each and ticket stubs need to be returned to the front office, along with monies collected, by Friday 19th November. Payment can also be made via the Qkr! App. Extra ticket books are available from the front office. Please ensure that each ticket stub includes a name, contact phone number and room number.

Proceeds from the raffle will be used to continue our development of play areas around the school. Many thanks for your support!

Year 7 Camp 2021

At the end of last term, the Year 7s were lucky enough to finally get to go on their camp to Iga Warta, in the Flinders Ranges. After an eight-hour journey we arrived in what seemed like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. This oasis was to be our home for the next three days. Tents, campfires, and singalongs were part and parcel of our trip. 

The students were given the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture from our hosts who shared their history with the students. From viewing ancient rock paintings and learning about the flora of the area to visiting the ochre pits and learning about the Adnyamathana people and their connection to the land and language. This trip was not only one of deep learning but a lot of fun. Each night students gathered around the campfires and Terence, our host, would tell stories of his ancestors as well as bring the guitar to have a sing-along with the students. On our final night Terence presented our Year 7 leaders with a beautiful hard cover book about the Adnyamathana history and language that he authored. This is now presiding in our library for students and staff to read. The annual Year 7 quiz night was also held on our final night, with the parent helpers coming in a close second!    image_4.jpg     image_3.jpg     image.jpg

Iga Warta was a once in a lifetime experience for many and we felt blessed to be able to travel to the Flinders Ranges. We would like to thank our hosts, the Coulthard family for sharing their home and history with us, the parent helpers, and the students for being just awesome!

  image_2.jpg            image_6.jpg          image_5.jpg

From the Library T4 Week 3

Premiers Reading Challenge medals and certificates will be passed out to classes next week. A huge congratulations to our Readers for Life - Michaela, Sophie, Annabelle, Liam, Olivia, Wyatt, Evan, Campbell, Rebecca, Sienna and Lilly.

These students have completed the Challenge each year since Reception and will receive their certificates during our next assembly.


Overdue Books - At the time of writing there are 355 overdue books! If your child has brought home an overdue notice or you have received an email about overdue books, please help them have a look for these books at home. We would much rather students be able to continue borrowing than be worrying about a book they can’t find, so if you or your child are concerned about any books that are overdue, please pass a message through their teacher or email While we expect students to treat our library books with care, we do understand all sorts of things can happen. Usually we can remove an overdue book from a student’s library record after speaking to you.

Borrowing in Term 4 - Friday 26 November (week 7) will be the last day for student borrowing. All books should be returned by Wednesday 1 December (week 8).

We’re fortunate to have Vasi join us in the library this term as our new library assistant. Vasi is here everyday and has been warmly welcomed by Mitcham students.

Yours in Reading - Sophie and Vasi