Science News - Oliphant Science Awards

The annual Oliphant Science Awards are now open. Students should submit an entry form to Mrs Doull. The projects themselves are due later in the year. Interested students can check out the categories on the website here:

Registrations are open until Week 3 of Term 2, so there's plenty of time to come up with creative projects! See Mrs Doull for more information. 

Finance News Term 1 2023

Materials & Services Payment Now Due

Thank you to the families that have paid their Materials & Services invoices, applied for School Card or arranged Direct Debits/Payment Plans. Materials & Services invoices are due to be paid by the end of Term 1.

Any extension on this time can be arranged by setting up a Direct Debit or Payment Plan. Please email for the authorization form.


The School Card Scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (Materials & Services charges). To check your eligibility and to apply online go to the SA.GOV website via the link:

If you are eligible for the School Card Scheme and have not yet applied, please do so as soon as possible. Eligible Families need to complete a new School Card application each school year.

If you need help completing the form please contact the School Card section on 1800 672 758 (free call).

You will be notified by the School Card Section of the outcome of your application, please do not pay any money towards your Materials and Services charge until you know the outcome.

Community News

SA Police have noticed an increase in antisocial behaviour in the vicinity of the Belair mountain biking trails, surrounding streets, and on trains and train platforms. There have been incidents of objects being thrown at cars on Belair Road and Old Belair Road.

Throwing objects on roads and at cars can cause serious injury and even death. Police have also received reports about dangerous bike riding on the roads leading to the trails around the Mitcham and Lower Mitcham areas. With Easter and School Holidays approaching SA Police support young people being involved in healthy, physical activities including mountain bike riding, however we need to consider the safety of the whole community. Police encourage parents and caregivers to discuss safe and responsible riding.

Autism Inclusion Teacher


Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to introduce myself as the Autism Inclusion Teacher (AIT) for Mitcham Primary School. I currently teach Year 2 and have taken on this exciting new role for 2023.

Autism Inclusion Teachers are a new, nation-leading, initiative which aims to build teacher understanding and knowledge around supporting children and young people with autism. Each public primary school in South Australia has appointed an Autism Inclusion Teacher who will guide and support their staff in developing best practice whilst teaching and engaging with students who are on the autism spectrum. I have a wealth of experience of teaching students diagnosed with autism. I also have a deep interest in supporting our teachers and school support officers to develop their skills and abilities with an aim in improving the learning outcomes for our students on the autism spectrum.

The intended role of an Autism Inclusion Teacher, is to build the skills, knowledge and understanding of autism amongst our teachers and school services officers (SSOs) by engaging them in formal learning sessions. The expected outcomes are that teachers and SSOs will then apply this new knowledge when teaching and supporting children with autism in their own classrooms. The AIT role does not include working directly with students with autism, nor are they involved in student or parent conferences.

I am currently working with other AITs, from a variety of school sites across Adelaide, to develop and build upon my current knowledge of working with students with autism. Recently, I participated in a two-day where Professor Barry Carpenter engaged us in developing our understanding of wellbeing and neurodiversity. This intensive three day conference highlighted the importance of using a strength-based approach whilst working with students with autism. This included research linked to incorporating a student on the autism spectrum’s particular interest into daily teaching routines as a means to motivate and further engage in their learning. For more information, please visit the Department for Education’s website to find out more about improving support for children and students with autism.

Kind Regards,

Anne Thomas

Diary Dates Term 1

Please see below the upcoming important dates and school events for the remainder of Term 1 2023

15 March to 24 March  NAPLAN
Tuesday 21 March  Harmony Day
27 March to 31 March    Parent Teacher Interviews
Friday 7 April Good Friday
Monday 10 April Easter Monday
Wednesday 12 April Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Friday 14 April End Term 1 - Early Dismissal 2.15pm

Cubby Building excursion

 The Reception classes were lucky to have perfect weather for their recent Cubby Building excursion to Belair National Park.

Students from T5, M1, M2 and M3 displayed great teamwork and problem solving skills while they were set the task of designing and building their large cubbies. They also learnt about caring for the natural environment. It was a fantastic learning experience for all of our Reception students. 

Cubby_1.jpg   Cubby_2.jpg  Cubby_3.jpg   Cubby_7.jpgCubby_4a.jpg


Yesterday, NAPLAN testing began for our Year 3 and 5 students. During this week and next, they will be participating in tests for writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Apart from Year 3 writing, all of our NAPLAN tests are being conducted online.

We encourage parents and students to view NAPLAN as just one of the many different types of activities we do at school - it shouldn’t be a stressful time and does not replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance. It is one of many ways that we gather information about how education programs are working and whether our students are meeting important educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

The online testing is progressing very smoothly at our school, with only a few minor technology issues which we have been able to resolve quickly in each instance. Students who are absent on their scheduled testing days will be offered catch up sessions upon their return. All testing will be completed by Monday 27th March. 

KidzBiz presentation

Last Thursday night we invited parents and students to attend a KidzBiz presentation and workshop. Whilst not a big crowd, the sessions were fun, informative and easy to understand.

Keryn provided students and their parents / care providers with an introduction to basic personal and social development education; traditionally known as the ‘facts of life’.

Session 1: ‘Where Did We Come From’ (Year 2 to Year 4 students) discussed

  • Basic female & male body parts of the reproductive system
  • Dispersed myths about where babies come from
  • Fertilization/conception
  • Foetal development
  • Birth processes

Session (2) ‘What’s Happening to Us” (Year 5 to 6 students)

  • Female & male body parts of the reproductive system
  • Changes during puberty
  • Self-esteem and body image
  • Impact media has on body image
  • parent/child relationships

Those parents who attended were appreciative of the calm and informative sessions and commented how it made it easier for them to approach what is typically a difficult subject to address.

Complementing this parent session, students from years 4-6 will attend workshops in class during the next 3 weeks.

All workshops cover core social, personal and sexuality development education in accordance with The Australian Curriculum: Health & Physical Education and the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.  

Year 6 students will have 4 sessions including

  • Reproductive system
  • Conception to birth
  • Puberty Physical
  • Keep Safe

Year 5 students will have 3 sessions

  • Basic reproductive system
  • Basic puberty
  • Personal & cyber safety

Year 4 students will have 1 extended session including

  • Basic reproductive system, babies and puberty

Grandparents' Day Volunteers

Grandparents and Special Friends Day will be held on Wednesday 12th April. This year, a morning tea will be available from 9.30am-11.30am in the Innovation Centre for all our special visitors.

If you are able to offer assistance with serving morning tea and/or providing a plate of store bought treats we would appreciate your support. Please let your class teacher know if you are able to help in any way, or email We look forward to seeing you all for this special event. Please see flyer for morning tea information.


Canteen News

This week we have a special donut order available for Harmony Day, which is instead of Showdown donuts. The Harmony day donuts will be available on Tuesday the 21st March .
The Balfours Harmony day donuts will be orange and are available to order on Qkr! for $4.00. Donuts will be delivered to the children's classroom in time for recess. Orders close tomorrow, Friday 17th March. See poster for more information. 
If your child has been provided with an emergency lunch, we ask that you pay the outstanding bill via Qkr! as soon as possible please. 
Thank you as always to our wonderful volunteers. We really appreciate your time and help! 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Anita, Ann and Kerry - Canteen staff