Room 17 and 18 businesses

Over the last six school weeks, Rooms 17 and 18 have been putting their learning of Economics and Business to good use by creating a range of products soon to be available at your fingertips! The Kidpreneur program has developed students' skills in gathering market research, resourcefulness with money, analysing needs and wants in the market and putting it all together to create reasonably priced products.

We are thrilled to be raising money for the RSPCA and helping animals in need to find a home. Thank you for supporting our businesses and our developing entrepreneurial minds! Available from November 8th on the QKR app!

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Candle & CoCandle_Co.jpg Our authentic candles will enhance your inner soul. Candle & Co don’t leave you with an untrustworthy product. Our candle prices are cheap and affordable. Jump into a world of nostalgic scents of exotic fruits with our candles.  RLC Stress ToysRLC_Stress_toys.jpg RLC stress toys is a company dedicated to making stress toys for people all over the world, so people don’t get bored or too stressed. We also sell monster book marks that go in the corner of the page to keep the spot in your book. 
 Stress LessStress_less.png Do you get stressed a lot ? Well, no worries the new "Stress less" stress balls are in town starting from just $3 ! we have on offer amazing orbeez, squishy potato flower, satisfying quinoa and chia and slimey slime. With cool messages on all of them to choose from hurry up stock are limited. All proceeds go to RSPCA!!! UMCA BrosUMCA_Bros.png The UMCA. Bros are a company which is focused on selling secret door foldables, stress balls, and some wood crafted items. The secret door foldables are a type of presentation poster that is certainly more convenient than posters as it consists of multiple ways to present, and can be used to impress a class. The wood crafted items consist of toys that children can play with, so what are you waiting, for there is only a few more remaining!
Krazy KeychainsKrazy_Keychains.png  

The crazy keychains are finally released on QKR!!!

 Our mysterious keychains are just waiting for you, the mouthwatering ice cream and delicious doughnut as well as the cute animals. There are three legendary pandas! All money goes to RSPCA to help animals in need.
SML FlowersSML_Flowers.png SML Flowers is a production that sells hanging flower pots with seed packets. The flower pots are low-priced. You should buy our product because it is recyclable and it is nice because all pots have different patterns designs.
Special SlimeSpecial_Slime.png Our super special slime is the perfect slime with stress relieving qualities. It comes in a range of relaxing, nice pastel colours such as blue, pink and the NEW limited edition HALLOWEEN  SPOOKY SLIME! Each purchase comes with a lolly. Hexaflexa WorldHexaflexa_World.png Have you ever felt super overwhelmed? Well then, a Hexaflexa is for you! A Hexaflexa is a stress relieving item that when you flip it changes patterns and colour. Pinch it into a three-point star and flip it out from the middle! We have loads of designs to suit your needs.
RSS PuttyRSS_Putty.png RSS Putty is a great product for people who get stressed or like slime. It is small and portable and it does not make a mess, it is good for concentration and helps with boredom. All proceeds go to the RSPCA. Magey-ChoMagey_ho.png Welcome to Magey-Cho! This is the place to buy a magnet with cool, colourful and unique designs. The reason we are doing this is to help support charity, and fill your fridge with awesome magnets. Your purchase will include a free chocolate as a thank you for supporting this business!
StressiesStressies.png We have a large selection of stress balls to offer to our Micham community while fundraising for the RSPCA. It is extremely affordable for many people at the cost of 75 cents. You can also select single or double layered. single layered for more sensation and double layered for double durability and it is for free. The fillings that we have that is available are rice, flour, slime and corn.  SS Zia'sSS_Zia.png Do you ever find yourself stressing over school or work and then when you play with stress toys you get told off or even more distracted? Well lucky for you, help is here. Zia’s Squiggle Squishies is a company that sells stationary for boys and girls so you can write and let all your stress out at the same time, have fun with Zia’s Squiggle Squishies!
S.M.S Stickers  

S.M.S custom sells a wide variety of customised stickers. We sell indoor stickers which generally look better, you can put them on your wall and they would stay there for a while. They are used for decoration. Outdoor stickers however can be put on your scooter or skateboard and they will still stick after rain and bad weather- They last longer. We sell Vans skate stickers as well as neon and assorted stickers. Stickers are roughly 6cm by 6cm squared. All of our profit goes towards the RSPCA charity as a donation.

LCA. CO DESIGNSLCA_Co_Designs.png creates stylish keychains and brilliant breaded chains. Made from top of the art materials and intricate designs. The keychain is made with intricate designs of only four colours blue, light blue, pink and yellow. Each which have spotty designs. Also including a lolly with every purchase. With the first purchases you can get an optional mermaid rainbow material.
Our clay beaded key chains are small little add on for our first purchases.
Dino SherbetDino_Sherbet.jpg Dino sherbet provides the perfect sweet, sour and sugary treat to snack on leaving a pleasant tingle to your tongue. Our goal is to raise lots of money for the fostered animals at RSPCA. There are a number of iconic flavours to choose from, you mustn’t miss out on our limited sibling deal. The sibling is a two for $3.00 limited deal to die for Kokedama KidsKokedama_Kids.jpg For our online stall, we are going to sell slime and Kokedamas which are made out of Jute and Sphagnum Moss. The Kokedamas will also include a special treat.
All of the items are going to be sold at an affordable price.
Cards GaloreCards_Galore.png Cards Galore has a unique range of rare and affordable cards. We have limited stock in both old school basketball cards and retro footy cards so get in quick! Cards may vary in price depending if they are a Mystery pack, standard cards or All-star cards. All proceeds go to helping the RSPCA. Lella NotebooksLella_Notebooks.png All those facts you need to remember, it becomes just too much! But what if you had a notebook to write it all down in? And while were at it, if you just want to randomly draw or write something, with a notebook with beautiful illustrations, you can do all that and more! With low prices and special package deals guaranteed


Please remember to name all hats and jumpers as we are inundated with lost property as the season changes. Jumpers now come with the RagTagd Smart Tags so whenever a Smart tagged uniform is placed in lost property, you will automatically receive an SMS letting you know that it's there - how great is that!

Lunch boxes and drink bottles should also be clearly named. Students are able to collect any lost items from the lost property cupboard in the Ngungana building any time. Younger students can take a buddy to help them find their belongings. Uniforms are available to be ordered via the Qkr! app. Orders will be delivered to the child's classroom within a few days. It is therefore important that student details such as room number are updated in Qkr. 

Year 6 Windcheater - All Year 5 students who are returning to Mitcham Primary in 2022 will have the opportunity to try on sample sizes of the Year 6 Windcheater. To ensure the correct size is selected for your child we encourage you to attend the try on session. More information will be sent to families shortly.

Performing Arts - Stars in the Arena

Those who have paid for a digital download of Stars In The Arena have been sent a link via student email to access the performance on OneDrive. 

If you are still wanting to purchase a copy for $15, payment can be made through QKR! or at the office. Send a copy of the receipt via email and I will send the link to your student.

Student Achievement

Congratulations to Ryan Day on his achievement at a recent Sapsasa event.

Ryan won two bronze medals and one silver medal at the recent Sapsasa Race Running event.  On the weekend Ryan was entered into the All Schools Athletics competition and came second in the 100m event. Congratulations Ryan, well done!


Tech-Free Wilderness Weekend

Spend a weekend with your child in the Coorong National Park completely without technology. See attached flyer for more information. OK_Psychology_logo.jpg

Performing Arts News - Stars In The Arena

On Saturday 11 September, 51 Mitcham students participated in this years Festival of Music choir performance at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It was a massive feat with students meeting at school at 12:30 travelling to the AEC to rehearse.

They were given a short break to eat and have photos taken before returning to the stage for the performance at 7:00pm. It was an amazing spectacle of sound, lighting and laser effects and even finished (to the surprise of students) with fireworks. Despite the teachers being exhausted, students were still full of energy and gave us a surprisingly good rendition of "Sweet Caroline" on the bus trip home. Congratulations to all performers!

Digital download spare forms are available in Mr Ebert's room and should be returned to the office upon payment. Links will be sent directly to families once the video has been published. Please be patient, it might take a few weeks.

 Amanda Rugari


Library News

The Premiers Reading Challenge has now finished. Congratulations to the 504 students who completed the challenge. Awards will be handed out next term.

Great Book Swap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Great Book Swap at Mitcham. Together we raised $740 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Money raised goes towards books and literacy resources for Indigenous Australians living in remote communities.

It’s nearly school holidays and I encourage our students to borrow books from the library to read while away from school. If you or your child have received an overdue notice please return the book promptly so that the next person can borrow it. If your child is unable to find a book please send me an email to let me know and I’ll mark the book as missing, ensuring they can borrow next time they visit the library. I understand books get lost or damaged and often misplaced books turn up at home and can be returned later.

Yours in Reading


Science News

It has been an incredibly busy and messy term learning Chemistry.  Students have had so much fun exploring materials and how they react with each other.

Your children were involved in many of the following experiments: Oobleck slime, Borax slime, putty, wizard's brew, perfume potions, chromatography, lemonade, marshmallow towers, travelling ink, sherbet, bubbles, snow, chocolate dipped food,  melting experiments, gummy bears in different solutions, popcorn, rainbow paper, rainbow liquids & decomposing materials.  Students have learnt about solids, liquids and gases and their properties.  I have learnt to not give Receptions black sticky slime to play with!  (Just putty!!)

I have been so impressed by the way students have adopted new scientific language into their oral language when speaking with peers, as well as writing up experiments.  We have had a big focus this term to use Scientific vocabulary wherever possible.

I would love to give a great big thank you to Rick Irving, a grandparent in the school.  He has given up a lot of his time to collect and label rocks, fossils and seeds to donate to the Science room.  These donations make the Science room so engaging for students. 

I'm getting excited about putting away the slime for another year, and setting up a Biology classroom next term.  The room will be filled with plants and animals.  Students love donating mini beasts to the classroom (dead and alive) as well as beautiful flowers and plants from their garden.  All of these interesting items are greatly appreciated so I can provide many hands-on experiences. 

Have a lovely Spring break. See if you can collect things for the Science room.

Laura Brace - R-4 Science

Casual Day - Friday 24th September

Our next casual day fundraiser will be held on the last day of Term 3, Friday 24th September, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Make-A-Wish is an Australian charity that creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Several of our Mitcham students have received a wish, which has supported them and their families and provided a positive focus during challenging times.

Each child's Wish Journey is carefully planned and delivered over several stages to create a positive, lasting impact. Wishes are designed to complement a child's medical treatment, working to calm, distract and inspire at a time they need it most. When a wish is realised, a child discovers that despite their situation, anything is possible. In this way, wishes deliver both an immediate boost and long lasting effect on the lives of sick kids, their families and communities.

Through SRC discussions and class meetings, students have elected the casual day dress theme to be purple and yellow. These colours have historically been connected with Make-A-Wish.

We look forward to seeing everyone in their purple and yellow clothes. Students may wear a little colour or wear a lot, but please make it SunSmart! Don’t forget to bring along a gold coin donation.

Diary Dates Term 3 and 4 2021

Please find below updates to important dates and school events for Term 3 and 4 2021.

Friday 24th September Last Day Term 3 - Early Dismissal 2:15pm
Friday 24th September Casual Day - Gold coin donation
Monday 11th October Term 4 Commences
Friday 22nd October Pupil Free Day
Saturday 13th November Quiz Night