Year 6 Business Project

This term, our year six students have been working on a business project as a part of our Economics and Business inquiry into entrepreneurialism.

We have been investigating key elements of starting up a business, including needs vs wants and sustainable products. Each group is selling something or offering a service, such as henna, fudge, donuts, fairy floss, bracelets, games, origami or popcorn. The sale day will be Wednesday the 9th November (week 4). Each class will get a chance to browse and buy at the market stalls on the Basketball Courts between recess and lunch. Prices range from $1-$5. Please bring gold or silver coins, if possible.


Library News

Premiers Reading Challenge

Premiers Reading Challenge medals and certificates will be passed out to classes shortly. A huge congratulations to all students who completed the challenge.

Overdue Books

At the time of writing there are 241 overdue books! If your child has brought home an overdue notice or you have received an email about overdue books, please help them have a look for these books at home. We would much rather students be able to continue borrowing than be worrying about a book they can’t find, so if you or your child are concerned about any books that are overdue, please pass a message through their teacher or email While we expect students to treat our library books with care, we do understand all sorts of things can happen.

Borrowing in Term 4

Friday 2 December (week 7) will be the last day for student borrowing. All books should be returned by Wednesday 7 December (week 8).

Yours in Reading,

Sophie and Sunyoung


Canteen News

Thank you for your ongoing support of the canteen. Please note that the daily cut off time for ordering on Qkr! is 9am.

We are in desperate need of volunteers in order to keep the canteen operating efficiently. If you have some free time and would like to help, please go to the front office to collect a volunteer application form. You will also need to complete a DHS Screening for Working with Children and a Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect - Education and Care (RRHAN-EC). Once these have been completed and copies of certificates supplied to the office you will be able to become a member of our wonderful volunteer team. 

Have a great weekend.


Anita ViskicCanteen manager 

Public Safety - Parking control around schools

City of Mitcham Council advise that with the commencement of another school term Council will continue with the monitoring of parking areas around schools, kindergartens and childcare centres.

The attached brochure informs drivers about public safety and provide for student safety around roadways at schools drop off and pick up times, any breaches of the Australian Road Rules observed by compliance officers may result in the issue of an expiation notice. Should you have any enquiries regarding parking control matters please do not hesitate to contact Joanne Salter, Senior Compliance Office on 8372 8870.

School of Languages 2023

The School of Languages is a government school established to provide access, choice and continuity in a range of Languages, to students across the broader metropolitan area.


In 2023 The School of Languages will be offering R-6 language programs in 15 languages,  after hours, in 16 different locations (Teaching Centres). For further information, please contact Maribel Coffey on 8301 4800, via email: or visit our website: 

Festival of Music

It is my great joy to report that our involvement in the Primary Schools Music Festival was a tremendous success! Last week, our Year 6 choir had the exciting opportunity to perform in Concert #1, at the newly refurbished Festival Theatre.

Not only did they sing and dance beautifully, but all students conducted themselves (music pun intended) with the school values we take such pride in at Mitcham Primary School.

This week, we also had representation at Concert #6, with our Year 6 student, Harriet McCarthy earning the great honour of performing as a soloist!

The Festival of Music was a unique experience full of learning, character building, and enormous fun for all Mitcham Primary students involved. Josh Fielder, Performing Arts teacher.


Well done!

Josh Fielder - Performing Arts Teacher

Community Project

Mitcham Primary School Families Give Back to the Community Project

This year Mitcham Primary School has chosen Puddle Jumpers as a local charity for the whole school community to support. On Thursday 18th September, Melanie Tate the CEO of Puddle Jumpers and Bailee came to our Ngungana Assembly and talked to us about the work they do to support marginalised families. Puddle Jumper’s aim is to ensure all children have joyous moments that are stress free.

Puddle Jumpers have changed a lot of children’s lives and have lots of ways they help kids. They have activity days where they take kids to fun and enjoyable places like the zoo or roller skating. They also have camps which is great for siblings to reunite if they are living in different homes than each other. On the camps each child has their own volunteer who is there just for them. The last thing they do to help is food assistance. Puddle Jumpers provide food assistance seven days per week for families where they can come and pick up food for free. Community food nights are held every Monday so families can enjoy a free tea/coffee and a home cooked meal as well as select pantry items and toiletries to take home.  Now you see why Puddle Jumpers is such an important charity for all ages!

We will ask every class in the school to bring something to help children in need. Each class has been allocated an item to purchase, please make sure that only new items are provided.

Citizenship_2.jpg Citizenship_1.jpg

The Citizenship Committee - Abigail, Roman, Zain and Abby.

Kaurna Cultural Experience G8 and G9

On Friday the 16th of September G8 and G9 were very lucky to have Liesl and Drew from Kaurna Cultural Experiences for Children visit us. We were meant to meet with them on country, at Wirraparinga, but unfortunately the weather had other plans!

Students were excited about their learning regarding the Kaurna culture and the rich Kaurna history in our Mitcham area. Drew shared some traditional weapons and other objects which he made himself, and spoke through how they have been used previously, and currently, for living off the land and taking care of the land. Students left with new knowledge and language which will last a lifetime!

Kaurna_Cult_exp_1.jpg Kaurna_Cult_exp_2.jpg

Laura Scriven & Linda Taeuber

Teachers G9 & G8

Monarto Zoo Excursion

During Weeks 6 and 7 of this term, the Year 1 classes went on a very exciting excursion to the Monarto Safari Park. Here are some of the children’s highlights from T3 with Ms. Day.

“I really liked seeing the lions chase each other when we were on the bus. The female lion did a big skid in the mud.” - Lachlan

“John taught us about how to find animal tracks in the bush on our walk with him.” - Astral

“I liked how the meerkat sat on top of his rock to look at us. They are show offs.“ – Lucy

“Seeing the baby giraffe that was only 4 days old was cool.” - Chloe

“I liked seeing the baby lions fighting and chasing each other.” - Logan

“I loved seeing how the rock wallaby can camouflage on rocks.” - Kristin

“I liked going on the bus and through the tunnels. It took a long time to get there.” - Ben H

“Seeing the chimpanzees swinging on their ropes in the enclosure. They have a lot of room to play.” - Mason

After the excursion the children used their knowledge from their observations to create their own animal habitat which they proudly displayed on Open Night.

Here are some of our pieces of work.


Quiz Night 2022

Do you have a business that would like to sponsor our Quiz Night? Imagine your business having naming rights and promotion across the school? There is still time to contact us! We have a range of sponsorship options available – click on this link for more details.


It’s time to have fun and enjoy a night out with your friends and the Mitcham Primary School community.

Tickets are selling fast so get a group together.
Don’t have enough people for a table? Don’t worry – purchase your individual ticket and we will find a table for you!


This year we are fundraising for staging, furniture and IT equipment for our new Gymnasium.