Harmony Day 2024

Harmony Week Celebrations

Each year, Harmony Day is an opportunity to honor and celebrate Australia's cultural diversity. Harmony Day is about including, respecting and appreciating the stories, traditions and cultures of all people who call Australia home.

During Harmony Week (Week 8) all the classes met up with their Buddy class to do some meaningful Harmony Day inspired art work. Students also engaged in a lunchtime activity creating a chalk mandala.

Harmony_Day_1.jpg   Harmony_Day_2.jpg

We had four beautiful art displays set up around the school for students to explore after our whole school assembly on Monday the 25th of March. Each display had a special meaning that tied into the theme that “Everyone Belongs”.

The lotus flowers displayed words that are significant to the students when they are thinking of Harmony Day, cultural diversity and helping everyone belong. The lotus flower has positive meanings across many cultures and religions.

The Hands Display represents how we use our hands everyday; whether it be to build things, help others or write ideas and stories. Hands are important because they help express ourselves. The hands display demonstrates how we are all growing, learning and interacting together. Each hand is like a leaf on the tree that we all belong on.

Harmony_Day_3.jpg   Harmony_Day_4.jpg

The Fish art represent that the countries we are from are all connected by the ocean. The ocean display shows that we are all fish swimming in the same sea; we all belong and help each other out.

Harmony_Day_5.jpg   Harmony_Day_6.jpg

The Quilts represent strength, resilience, friendship and connectedness. Our quilt display demonstrates that like the stitching on a patchwork quilt, we may come from many cultures and backgrounds, but we are all connected through common threads.


The school captains along with some other students reflected on the values of Harmony Day and collaboratively created a Mitcham Primary School Harmony Day Pledge:

As members of Mitcham Primary school community,

we pledge to honour and uphold the values of Harmony Day.

We vow to embrace each other, celebrate our differences,

and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

We understand that by standing together in unity,

we can create a community where everyone feels safe and welcomed.

We pledge to stand up against discrimination and

 promote our uniqueness and fairness among all.

Together, we commit to building a more inclusive environment  

where every voice is heard and every individual is respected.

It was wonderful seeing our school community coming together in a sea of orange to celebrate our diversity.