2024 Swimming Carnival

Congratulations Selth!

On Thursday Week 8 our year 4-6 students travelled to Burnside swimming pool to compete for their house in our Mitcham Swimming Carnival. This was a special swimming carnival as this was the last time that the houses will be using their old names before changing for Sports Day in Term 4.

Congratulations to Selth for winning a very close race in this year’s carnival. The lead changed several times throughout the day and in the end, there was only 20-point difference between 1st and 3rd.

Final Results

Selth                   1031

Devonshire         1020

Dunks                 1011

Mellor                  854

I want to thank all the teachers, students, parents and pool staff for helping throughout the day. I would also like to offer a special thanks to our House Captains who did an amazing job all day. Without you all the carnival would not be possible.

Clint Rowland - PE Teacher