'Be Fit 2 Sit' Update - Term 1

Rooms 13, 14, 17 and 19 have enjoyed visits from Physiotherapist Kym Siddons this term, learning about how they can ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’, so they feel & function at their best!

Through lots of games and exercises they’ve felt how their bodies can develop strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and co-ordination… so they can become even more confident and capable.

They’ve also had lots of discussions about how movement can help boost their energy levels, brainpower and help them feel more happy.

Students have made decisions about how they like to move best, how they might establish healthy movement habits to break up extended periods of sitting (especially in front of screens or using devices) and ways they can remind themselves to move a little more, more regularly.

We’ve even discussed some healthy device habits to keep in mind during the upcoming holidays.

Ask your student if they remember our little guideline about how often and how much movement really helps boost their brain and body!