Digitech Incursion

Over the last few weeks, T1, T2, G1 and G2 had a fabulous visit from Goo Roo Animation. During these half day workshops, students were introduced to stop motion technology via an app on the iPad. A range of stop motion techniques were viewed before students were shown how to make their own short videos. Over the half day session, students worked in small groups to design a character out of plasticine and work out a short story to match the selected scene. Students demonstrated not only creativity, imagination and story telling skills, but they also had to show resilience, perseverance and negotiation skills in order to make their videos.

Over the course of Term 3, students will continue to develop their own stop motion skills as part of our learning in Digital Technology. In small groups, students will be involved in planning, designing and making their own stop motion videos. These videos will cover a range of topics linked to classroom learning. We hope to share some of these at Open Night at the end of term 3.

This is what we thought of our incursion:

“I made a horse for my Wild West movie. It was great fun.” Cruz – co-creator of Wild West G1

We had to take lots of photos whilst moving the characters around. It was a bit tricky but lots of fun. By Joshua – co creator of the Toxic Wasteland movie

It was great using the materials to create characters, I liked using the toothpicks to add arms and legs. The product at the end was amazing.
by Beau co-creator of the Space Movie T1

"Claymation was really fun! We learnt so much and I really liked how everyone knew what they were doing and tried their hardest. I hope we get to do more later this year."   Mila Winter wonderland G2

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