Building a Positive Numeracy Culture

This term, our teachers have been actively working on Maths mindsets in the classroom to ensure our students are equipped with the virtues required to be successful mathematicians. The mindsets which have been of particular interest for our teachers and students are the following:

  • Everyone can learn maths to a high level
  • Believe in yourself, it changes what you can do
  • Maths is about creativity and making sense
  • Mistakes and challenges are the best time for your brain
  • Maths is about learning not performing
  • Questions & discussions deepen your mathematical understanding
  • Visualize and make connections to strengthen your brain
  • Depth is more important than speed!

Using these mindsets as a part of regular discussion and reflection in maths has already seen a positive shift in engagement, confidence and problem solving for some of our learners. Many students have identified that these mindsets are relevant in other subject areas, with classes exploring these dispositions and the connection to French with Madame Hillman!


To further support a positive numeracy culture, our teachers have been utilising resources such as dice and cards to allow students to be creative and visualise their knowledge with thinking and reasoning games. This has allowed our students to go ‘deep’ with their understanding of many mathematical concepts through natural discussions which arise from these games.

At home you can support this learning by creating an environment where maths is spoken about in a positive manner, recognising the strategies and processes, not just correct answers. By cohesively supporting these mindsets, we are equipping our learners with the most important skills to be successful mathematicians in the future world they will be a part of.

Laura Scriven, Maths Coordinator