World of Maths Incursion

As part of our Mathematics curriculum this term, we invited World of Maths (a travelling, interactive Maths Workshop) to visit our school.

World of Maths gave our Year 4 to 7s an ideal opportunity to see how maths is applied to everyday life situations and to explore Maths in a practical, hands-on environment. Students were encouraged to communicate their Maths ideas and answers as they worked through the 17 challenges in small groups. Students gained insights into problem solving, working in teams, and real-world applications of Maths, demonstrating that Maths truly is everywhere. And even more important, that Maths is FUN! But don't take our word for it......

"World of Math was fun. I liked working in groups because it was more fun having your friends with you. The Maths didn't feel like Maths at times, but it still included it." April - Year 5

"World of Maths was a fun, creative, and challenging way of learning Maths. I enjoyed working out the answers to the Maths problems in creative ways." Imogen - Year 5

"I really enjoyed the World of Maths because it challenged your brain with real-life problems and the activities made you work really hard as a group." Freya - Year 6

“I really enjoyed World of Maths as it had lots of problem-solving exercises that challenged your brain and some really fun puzzles too." Olivia - Year 6

"The World of Maths incursion was lots of fun. Some parts were challenging and took time and persistence, but some others were fun and easy so you could wiz through. I loved the how many different types of puzzles and questions there were." Brooke - Year 7

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