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From the Principal - October 2020

Dear Parents & Carers,
Welcome back to School! We have had an exciting week of learning where our students and teachers have enjoyed sharing holiday stories and engaging with this term’s learning. I have been most impressed by how much many students have grown over the holidays. In every class I found students who had sprouted a few centimetres over the holiday break. The growth in our year 7 cohort was most noticeable as there were quite a few more towering over me than I remember from last term (maybe I’ve shrunk!).

We welcome some new students to Mitcham Primary this term, William B in Room 18 and Max B in room 6 and we also welcome back Hamish & Samuel K-G who left to live interstate for a few years. On behalf of our Mitcham Primary community I warmly welcome both families to our school.

Sadly we have two staff who will not be with us this term. Ms Cathy Kendrick, our fabulous Front Office receptionist had an accident in the holidays requiring surgery to her shoulder. Ms Michelle Gabrisch will be covering our front office in her absence. Also, Ms Chrissa Connor’s husband was hospitalised following an accident in the holidays therefore Chrissa has taken leave to support her husband during his recovery. Ms Robyn Garrett has been appointed to Room 6 in Chrissa’s absence. Our best wishes are with both ladies and their families and we look forward to welcoming them back soon.
As we head towards the end of the year, we have been planning for several Term 4 events where members of our school community come together to celebrate what Mitcham Primary has to offer. The current COVID-19 regulations have governed our decisions and have made many of these difficult, if not impossible, to hold in the same fashion as we have done previously. I have listed below some of the events that we are currently working through. Please remember to check your child’s dairy, communication book, our website or the Skoolbag app to stay informed of any new news.
•   Sports Day will be held on Friday 30th October 2020 (Week 3). We have undertaken a risk assessment to see how we can safely run this event effectively within the COVID-19 guidelines. As sports day is held outside we are able to spread out classes (and parents) across our school grounds. However, to ensure that we meet Department for Education requirements and respect the Department of Health guidelines we need to put the following points in place.
o  We are only able to host one parent per family attending sports day between 9.30am and 1pm. We will be holding whole school events before and after this time which, due to COVID-19 restrictions, cannot be held if parents attend. We ask that you support us with this request as it would greatly disappoint our students if we were unable to continue.
o  Social Distancing: parents must adhere to Social Distancing guidelines (1.5m spacing) at all times whilst on site. Please do not congregate in groups. We will have Covid Marshals in attendance to offer gentle reminders.
o  Toilets for visitors will be behind the Komlos building (Blue Room) next to the Kibby building.
o  Please do not enter the school buildings (except for the Komlos toilets) during your visit.

Families will be provided with further details about sports day soon which will include further information regarding our Social Distancing requirements for the day. With your ongoing support we can make this event exciting, fun and memorable for all but especially for the children.
•  Choir & Instrumental Music Night: due to the small number of participants we are extremely hopeful that we can host both our choir and instrumental music nights. We are currently reviewing our COVID-19 risk assessments for these events and will provide more information to families once this has been completed.
•  Family Night: Due to the number of family members that attend this event we are not able to host this year's Family Night based upon current COVID-19 regulations. We average approximately 2,000 – 2,500 people at this event and we believe that the mandated 1.5 metre social distancing required would be impossible. There may be a possibility of some smaller performances being offered by individual classes at some point. Your class teacher will provide further information on this if it is a possibility.
•  Transition: We welcome our preschool students for their transition visits this term. On Wednesday of Week 6 and 8 our 2021 reception students will be visiting the Madlurta building and will return again on Wednesday 9th December for our whole school transition where students will meet their classroom teachers for 2021.
•  Excursions: Your child’s teacher will continue to offer excursions or incursions this term however, our teachers need your assistance to ensure their success. If you volunteer for an excursion you are still required to sign in at the front office and complete a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to meeting your class teacher. We continue to have difficulty securing parent volunteers for excursions. Can I ask that you let your class teacher know your availability ASAP if you think you can help. We very much thank you for your assistance with these learning events and without you, we would probably not be able to go.
Year 7 Social & Graduation: We are looking at providing the most authentic celebration for our senior students within the current limitations. Our Year 7 Social is on Friday, 4th December 2020 followed closely with our Year 7 Graduation on Thursday, 10th December 2020 at Concordia College. Our Year 7 teachers will provide further information soon to families about each of these exciting events.
Further information will be provided by your class teachers on these events and others along the way. I look forward to a great final term for what has been quite an interesting year for us all. As always, thank you for your continual support - it is very much appreciated.

Warm regards, Scott
Scott Greenshields
Mitcham Primary School
20a Hillview Road, Kingswood SA 5062
p (08) 8271 2227 | e | w 

Narrative Writing Competition

We are so proud of Year 7 student Annabelle Rundle, who was one of several Mitcham Primary students, who competed in the nationwide Seven Steps writing competition last term.
Annabelle’s piece, “A Shack in the Woods”, received a Highly Commended Award for Writing Sensational Settings, against 1900 other entries.
Well done and congratulations, Annabelle!

I wander up to the small dilapidated shack. Ivy has completely covered the walls and there is moss growing from cracks in the wood. The door creeks as I open it. The inside of the shack is completely empty except for a mouldy table and a small box. Inside the box are hundreds of old photographs with writing on the back of them. I pick up the one on the top. It is a photo of a girl leaning against a bright red Ford.On the back there is Debbie's seventeenth birthday and the date 26/3/1955 writton on it in neat, cursive writing.

I sit on the floor of the shack as water drips on my head from the storm outside. The photo brings back memories of my grandma. The last memory I have of her is when she was lying in her hospital bed. She gave me a heart necklace with a mandala on it and told me that her grandma had given it to her before she died. Tears started swelling in my eyes.

I stood up and wiped the tears from my eyes. I put the photo in my back pocket and got ready to run back outside in to the storm. I hurried through the door with my hands above my head but when I got outside I didn't feel a thing. The grey clouds had gone and it had become warm. I looked back at the shack and the ivy had only just started growing up the walls and the moss had vanished. I figured that the storm had washed them away and proceeded to walk back to my house. When I left the woods everything looked strange. people were driving around in old Fords and Chevrolets.The women were all wearing bright coloured dresses with short bouffant hairstyles and the men were wearing coloured coats with slicked back hair. I got to my driveway and rather than seeing my mum's white Toyota Corolla I saw the same girl from the photo leaning against the same bright red Ford.

The girl pulled out from her driveway and saw me standing there. I asked her to stop and told her everything that had just happened. She just stared at me with her mouth in the shape of an O. When she had finally comprehended what I just told her she told me to get in her car. We started driving towards the woods. She explained to me that the shack was her grandfathers and that he had told her stories about it but that she never believed they were true. I showed her my necklace and the photo that I had grabbed from the shack. Once we got to the woods, we began our walk to the shack and all I could think about was bringing my grandma back with me as if she had never died.

After walking for ten minutes we find the shack and head inside. The interior looks exactly the same as it did before in my own time. I put the photo back in the box and tell my grandma my plan. I tell her that if she comes back with me that it will be like she'd never died and I will get to see her again. She hesitantly says yes to the plan. I grab her hand and start pulling her towards the door. Excitement starts piling up inside me when all of a sudden I stop. I feel around my neck for the necklace my grandma gave me but it is not there. I look around the shack but it is not there either. The excitement has turned into fear when I realise that I must of dropped it in the woods. My grandma asks me what's wrong and I tell her that I have lost my necklace. She reminds me that I won't need it because she is going to come with me. I go through the door and it starts raining again. The ivy is fully grown and the moss is in every crack in the wood. I breathe a sigh of relief but then realise that my grandma isn't with me. I look all around the shack but she is nowhere to be found. I fall to the ground and tears start rolling down my cheeks when I feel something in my hand. It was the necklace that I had lost. My grandma must have slipped it into my hand when I was going through the door. The rain stops and the sky starts to get clearer, and I realise that I'm back in own time. I stand up and start heading home. On the walk home rather than remembering my grandma in the hospital at the end, I remember all of the good times that we had together and I'm grateful for the gift of seeing her one last time.

by Annabelle - R

From the Library

At Mitcham we celebrated Book Week last term and we were very fortunate to have some Australian authors visit with our students. Author/illustrator Andrew Joyner visited our Reception to year 5 students and our older students enjoyed a Zoom visit with author Tristan Bancks.

Some of our students have written about their visit:

Tristan Bancks
On Tuesday the 25th of August, our class, room 22 and 29 got to meet the author, Tristan Bancks. Tristan made three very popular books - Detention, Two Wolves and The Fall. He is also the author of book series' called Tom Weekly, and Mac Slater, and his new book - Nit Boy.

Tristan also makes trailers and sound tracks to make his books come to life!
We all got the opportunity to ask Tristan a few questions. We are all so grateful to have had this opportunity to meet an amazing author.

By Avani and Miah, Room 28

Andrew Joyner

Andrew Joyner was an incredible author and illustrator. I can see why people are crazy about his books. I enjoyed it when he asked us to draw elephants. When Andrew finished reading his book Too Many Elephants in this house, we all got a glimpse of the illustration on the last page. It was a cliff hanger and it made us wonder about the ending.
By Summer, Room 19

I thought Andrew was just going to read a story and ask some questions. However he taught us how to draw an elephant. Andrew was patient and kind and waited until every single person had finished their drawing. My favourite part of the session was at the start when Andrew drew himself as a dog. It was a guessing game, as we had to guess what he was drawing.
By Valerie, Room 19

I thought Andrew’s session was interesting. I liked it when he read one of his books to us. It was very funny. Andrew taught us how to draw an elephant. He was very calm and answered everyone’s questions well. He told us lots of information about his career as an author/ illustrator. I enjoyed it when he showed us illustrations for his books Brindabella and Too Many Elephants in this house.
By Lucca, Room 19

Overdue Books
At the time of writing there are 370 overdue books! If your child has brought home an overdue notice or you have received an email about overdue books, please help them have a look for these books at home. We would much rather students be able to continue borrowing than be worrying about a book they can’t find. Parents, please, if you or your child are concerned about any books that are overdue, please pass a message through their teacher or email While we expect students to treat our library books with care, we do understand all sorts of things can happen. Usually we can remove an overdue book from a student’s library record after speaking to you.

Borrowing in Term 4
Friday 20 November (week 6) will be the last day for student borrowing. All books should be returned by Friday 27 November (week 7).

Scholastic Book Club

Book Club order forms will be sent home this week. This is the final issue before Christmas and is a great opportunity to purchase books for gifts. All book club proceeds go towards purchasing new resources for the library.

Yours in reading,
Sophie and Nicole


Sporting Achievement

We are very excited to share the news that, after a very extensive trial period (four stages, with two weekly trial sessions for each stage), Annalise S from Room 25 made the final cut for the Football Federation of South Australia’s State Girls’ U14 Soccer team for 2021.

Annalise worked really hard for making the team and we are all very proud of her for doing so well in such a tough year. Twenty girls were chosen to represent South Australia U14s, and with the COVID situation remaining well, Annalise will represent South Australia at the Nationals in Coffs Harbour next year.

Congratulations Annalise. You have made your family and your school very proud.

Happy Haven Term 3 Week 7-10

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Diary Dates Term 3 Week 9


End of Term 3. Early dismissal 2:15pm 


Term 4 begins


End of Term 4

World of Maths Incursion

As part of our Mathematics curriculum this term, we invited World of Maths (a travelling, interactive Maths Workshop) to visit our school.

World of Maths gave our Year 4 to 7s an ideal opportunity to see how maths is applied to everyday life situations and to explore Maths in a practical, hands-on environment. Students were encouraged to communicate their Maths ideas and answers as they worked through the 17 challenges in small groups. Students gained insights into problem solving, working in teams, and real-world applications of Maths, demonstrating that Maths truly is everywhere. And even more important, that Maths is FUN! But don't take our word for it......

"World of Math was fun. I liked working in groups because it was more fun having your friends with you. The Maths didn't feel like Maths at times, but it still included it." April - Year 5

"World of Maths was a fun, creative, and challenging way of learning Maths. I enjoyed working out the answers to the Maths problems in creative ways." Imogen - Year 5

"I really enjoyed the World of Maths because it challenged your brain with real-life problems and the activities made you work really hard as a group." Freya - Year 6

“I really enjoyed World of Maths as it had lots of problem-solving exercises that challenged your brain and some really fun puzzles too." Olivia - Year 6

"The World of Maths incursion was lots of fun. Some parts were challenging and took time and persistence, but some others were fun and easy so you could wiz through. I loved the how many different types of puzzles and questions there were." Brooke - Year 7

 World_of_Maths_2.jpg     World_of_Maths_3.jpg   World_of_Maths_4.jpg   

Mathletics 2020

On Monday 14th September two teams of students represented Mitcham Primary School at the inaugural St John’s Mathletics Day.

There was a real buzz in the room as teams from several schools worked collaboratively to solve mathematical challenges and beat the clock. The students had to think critically and creatively to solve puzzles, break codes, work out padlock combinations, collect treasure and diffuse a ‘bomb’. All of the students did really well and the MPS teams ended up coming 2nd and 7th. It was a fabulous opportunity for students to think mathematically and really stretch themselves. 

Angela Lydeamore - Teacher

The Mathletics competition at St Joseph on Monday the 14th of September was fun and interesting for all participants. My favourite part of this was when we got to work out how to defuse a bomb. My team failed to do this, which means I am writing this as a ghost. We had to work out the codes to combination locks to unlock more clues and eventually the pattern to stop the bomb exploding. One of the first puzzles was using a set of clues telling us that some of the numbers in each pattern were correct or not. Another one was a KenKen problem. KenKen is a puzzle like sudoku, but there are different shapes with numbers and operations in the corners, and all the answers have to be connected to each other by the operation and the number in the corner. It took us several tries to work out these puzzles and the other ones that we needed to solve to save ourselves from blowing up. When we were finally on the last problem, there was a loud bang, and that was the end of me and my teammates (what really happed was that the teacher running the competition told us to stop because time was up).
by Felicity 

My favourite task was called ‘Rescue Me’. It started out with us solving simple logic puzzles, and after we solved these, we used our map to travel to a place in the school. With the help one of the Year 11 assistants, we found our way to one of the netball courts. We were told we had to find out how many 10cm by 10cm pavers would fit in one of the semi-circles. We measured what the radius of a full circle would be, then halved it. We squared our radius, and then times it by pi. As we only used 3.14, and not the full number, it was a little bit off, but we were still close enough. Then we went back to the central area, and Xavier was taken away and tied to a chair. (He wasn’t tied but was loosely strapped.) While we were solving more puzzles; Xavier was trying to figure out the code to free himself. Unfortunately, we didn’t finish in time, but it was really enjoyable.
by Lachlan 

In addition to all those fantastic mathematical activities we were also given a considerable amount of bonus tasks. During the second task we were handed an orange sheet with approximately 30 seemingly random letters and numbers. These all had a secret meaning that we had to solve, for example: “50SITUSA” meant: “50 States in the USA,” “60MIAH” was “60 Minutes in An Hour” and so on. Every five of these that we solved earned us one bonus point. I was the one with the valiant responsibility of earning us a few extra points. There was also an extra task that could be attempted if I freed myself from that chair the was a part of the “Rescue Me” task. The goal was to find the number 1000 by adding five numbers, all of which had to include only the digit eight, eg: 88, 888. After returning from unsuccessfully attempting to free myself from the chair, I returned to my team and assisted them by decoding more expressions on the orange sheet. Lachlan took hold of the Eights sheet and worked it out with time to spare! This was the task in which we scored highest.
by Xavier