2021 Sports Day


For winning The Sports Day Shield! Sports day was a little earlier than usual this year and although warm it turned out to be a beautiful day. This year congratulations go to Devonshire for achieving the highest amount of points on Sports Day.

Our very important Values cup, awarded to the team that demonstrates the school values and sportsmanship throughout the day, was also won by Devonshire.

We would like to thank all the teachers, SSO’s, students, parents and all others who helped throughout the day. Without all your effort and enthusiasm this day would not be possible. There is no doubt the house captains did an amazing job. They dedicated hours of practice for our health hustle, came in early to help set up, supporting teachers at events during the day and organising their houses for the sprints and relays.

Sports_Day_2.jpg     Sports_Day_3.jpg    Sports_Day_4.jpg

All week people were excited for Sports Day because of all the fun and challenging events. One of the favourite events were Wheelchair Relays. It was a very fun and enjoyable event. 

A special thank you goes to the parents who helped with the “sausage sizzle”, cooking, preparing class orders, selling and cleaning up. A massive 1200 sausages were sold! Our fundraising committee thank you!

Thank you for all the people who came and participated at 2021 Sports Day.

Year 6/7 Media Committee

Harmony Day

Bright, colourful, interesting cultural outfits. Orange everywhere. A sea of ribbons waving in the air. Flags from nations all over the world. These are some of the sights you would have seen at Mitcham Primary on 19th March, Harmony Day.

We celebrated Harmony Day with a whole school assembly where we heard from our school leaders about the cultural diversity at Mitcham Primary and learnt more about the message ‘everyone belongs’. We watched a Chinese Dragon Dance, the students wearing cultural dress participated in a parade and we sang the song ‘We Are Australian’ together whilst waving colourful ribbons.

Our classes worked collaboratively to create displays around the school including a giant Harmony Day 2021 sign made from orange ribbon. We hope you got a chance to see these displays at drop off and pick up. Many classes also met with their buddies on this special day.

It was a great day celebrating the diversity of our Mitcham school community.

Harmony_Day_Fence.png   Harmony_Day_Students.png


A message from Mitcham Preschool

Dear Families,
The building works at Mitcham Preschool will be completed during the April school holidays. Therefore, we will be returning to our wonderful environment, the first week of term 2.

I would like to say a big thankyou to the Mitcham Primary School community for allowing us the opportunity to relocate our preschool onto the school site during this time. It has meant that many people made sacrifices for this to happen. Steph and the year 1 students gave up their classroom for us. Classes in the Tutt building were unable to use the art room and parking has proved challenging for families.
I have been really grateful to the leadership of Mitcham Primary School, as well as the staff and students of the school. They have always been so welcoming, inclusive and very supportive, throughout term 1. Nothing has ever been too much trouble. I have really enjoyed building an even stronger relationship with Mitcham Primary staff, observing how the school operates and seeing how students manage routines / their learning environment. We have enjoyed special activities such as time with Steph and Tara’s class. The preschool children have enjoyed exploring nature play and the “colourful playground”. I have really loved seeing past children of Mitcham Preschool. Receptions through to year 7’s have stopped to chat to me, or wave across the yard. It has been very special.

It will be so wonderful to resume our learning program back at our preschool. It will take some adjustment by children, families, and staff, but it will be wonderful running a preschool program from a dedicated preschool environment. I am sure Steph and her students will really enjoy being back in their space too.

Thankyou again for your wonderful support. It has been genuinely appreciated.

Kind regards

Chris Catt, Director Mitcham Preschool


Reception Enrolments for 2022

Do you have a child who is due to begin Reception in January 2022 but you haven't submitted an Expression of Interest form yet?

We are now planning for 2022 so it's really important that we have your child's Expression of Interest form as soon as possible. Please visit the school website www.mitchamps.sa.edu.au to complete the form online.

If you have any queries, please contact Lucinda in the front office on 8271 2227 or email: dl.0270.admin@schools.sa.edu.auSee flyer

Finance News

Materials & Services Payment Now Due

Statements have been sent home to all families with Materials and Services outstanding balances. Thank you to the families that have paid their Materials & Services invoices, applied for School Card or arranged Direct Debits/Payment Plans. Materials & Services invoices are due to be paid by the end of Term 1.

Any extension on this time can be arranged by setting up a Direct Debit or Payment Plan. Please email dl.0270.finance@schools.sa.edu.au for the authorization form.

Excursion and Activities

All excursions and other school activities must be paid for and a consent form received prior to the event to enable your child to attend. Please speak directly to the Finance team if you need help in this matter.

Payment Options

logos_preferred_payment_method.pngHave you downloaded the Qkr! Phone App yet? It's our preferred method of payment. There is also the option of making payment via the Qkr! web page. You will find the link on the school website at www.mitchamps.sa.edu.au  

Other payment methods

Payments in a named envelope or zip lock bag, along with the invoice/consent form, can be placed in the payment box at the entrance to the office at any time and receipts will be forwarded via the classroom. The Finance Office cash window is open every day during the school term between 8.30am and 9.30am for enquiries and to accept payments by cash, cheque or eftpos.

School Card

The School Card Scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (Materials & Services charges). To check your eligibility and to apply online, go to the SA.Gov website via the link: www.sa.gov.au/education/schoolcard. If you are eligible for the School Card Scheme and have not yet applied, please do so as soon as possible. Eligible families are required to complete a new School Card application each school year. If you need help completing the application  please contact the School Card section on 1800 672 758 (free call). 

You will be notified by the School Card Section of the outcome of your application, please do not pay any money towards your Materials and Services charge until you know the outcome.

'Be Fit 2 Sit' Update - Term 1

Rooms 13, 14, 17 and 19 have enjoyed visits from Physiotherapist Kym Siddons this term, learning about how they can ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’, so they feel & function at their best!

Through lots of games and exercises they’ve felt how their bodies can develop strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and co-ordination… so they can become even more confident and capable.

They’ve also had lots of discussions about how movement can help boost their energy levels, brainpower and help them feel more happy.

Students have made decisions about how they like to move best, how they might establish healthy movement habits to break up extended periods of sitting (especially in front of screens or using devices) and ways they can remind themselves to move a little more, more regularly.

We’ve even discussed some healthy device habits to keep in mind during the upcoming holidays.

Ask your student if they remember our little guideline about how often and how much movement really helps boost their brain and body!

Fundraising Committee - Can you help?

The fundraising committee needs your help to organise our fundraising activities for the year. In previous years we raised close to $35 000, which was an amazing effort and has enabled us to purchase new laptops, a green screen, sports equipment, a new BBQ, and playground equipment. We do, however, need more people to share the load!

Join with a friend for double the fun - it’s also a great way to meet new people in our school community and make friends!
Our planned fundraising activities for the year are:
• Mother’s Day Stall
• Father’s Day Stall
• Family Night BBQ
• Wine Fundraiser
• Any other ideas??

We hold 2 meetings per term to plan ahead for upcoming fundraising activities. We are all committed to building a sense of community and enjoying ourselves while we support the school. We’d love you to come and join us – please consider joining the committee and/or contributing to the organisation of one of the events.
Please email susan.bowler422@schools.sa.edu.au if you would like to join the committee or put your name down for one of the above events.
We look forward to seeing you!

From the Fundraising Committee

Year 4-7 Science - Earth and Space

This term we have been having lots of fun learning about Earth & Space Sciences.

We began the year refreshing our scientific thinking with a "what's in the box" challenge. With 6 sealed containers, there was much debate about what could be inside, and exasperation that we didn't find out - in reality, sometimes in science we don't find the answer and what we are left with is a good hypothesis based on the best data collected with scientific equipment and checked with our scientific peers. We considered how old Earth is, and the different eras of life on Earth, including examining trilobite and ammonite fossils, petrified wood, and various rocks and minerals including obsidian and fool's gold.

Year 4 & 4/ 5 students have looked at the rock cycle, and weathering & erosion, including considering how landforms like Uluru, Remarkable Rocks, the Sugarloaf, Granite Island & the 12 Apostles formed and changed over time. We even looked at some pictures of Mars that show geological evidence of past weathering and erosion patterns that mean there must once have been liquid water on Mars! We've also been Palaeontologists for a day and dug for choc chip "fossils" in cookie "rocks", and what makes up soil.

Year 4/5, 5 & 5/6 students have been learning about our Solar System. You might have seen a "pocket solar system" come home or heard the Planets Song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9UWNBTR6_I). We were amazed to think about all of the empty space in between the planets, especially the gas giants past the Asteroid Belt, and to learn that there are 5 dwarf planets in our solar system and that all 4 gas giants have rings! We watched the Perseverance Mars Rover landing footage from 18 February (https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/multimedia/videos/?v=461), learned a little about its mission and checked in from time to time on the images and information being sent back to Earth.

Last week many year 5, 6, & 7 classes dialled in to a video call with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Propulsion Engineer Todd Barber (https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/people/302/todd-j-barber/). He spoke about his role on the Mars 2020 Perseverance mission, and in monitoring the Voyager spacecraft. Students were able to ask questions and were interested to find out that NASA & Space X aren't rivals, that Perseverance is collecting rock samples to one day be returned to Earth, and that it has a laser to vaporise rocks and investigate their materials. Todd answered many of our questions, including that the stress of the timelines involved are the worst part of his job.

Year 5/6 & 6 students have been learning about the science and impact of natural disasters, both through geological events and extreme weather - such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones, floods, & droughts. We looked at Geoscience Australia's real time data (https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/) to see the recent NZ earthquakes and discussed why we don't get significant earthquakes in Adelaide but that we can get them, as well as the NSW floods and the Icelandic Volcano that erupted for the first time in 6000 years! We looked at Earth's internal structure and modelled three different movements of tectonic plates during earthquakes using mini-mars bars - the gooey caramel is perfect to model the oozing magma of Earth's mantle.

Year 7 students have been learning about the phenomena on Earth that are caused by it being a planet in space, for example the moon causing tides, eclipses and having phases. We considered different hypotheses for why Earth has seasons and learned that it's nothing to do with distance from the sun but rather that the 23.5-degree tilt of Earth's axis means in summer the energy from the sun is more concentrated on that part of the globe and in winter the energy from the sun is more diffuse. We learnt about solstice and equinox, and modelled the moon phases with Delta Cream cookies.

In Term 2 we will be learning about Physics, including forces and motion, light energy, electricity, and Newton's laws of motion.


Miriam Doull, 4-7 Science

Canteen News

Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who have assisted in the canteen this term.

As we have a small number of volunteers, there were a few people that have come in multiple times which has been really appreciated. The canteen is very reliant on volunteers to keep it going so we would love to have more people on our volunteer list. Contact me if you can help out. Please look out for the Showdown donut special in week 2 of term 2. More information will be available at the start of next term.

If your child was given an emergency lunch order this term, please arrange payment of your outstanding account as soon as possible. Thank you.

Anita Viskic - Canteen Manager

Winter After School Sports Registration

If your child is in years 3, 4 and 5 and would like to play netball or is in year 3 and would like to play soccer, please collect a registration form from the front office.

Alternatively please email Michelle Gabrisch, the sports co-ordinator on michelle.gabrisch115@schools.sa.edu.au