Student Achievement

Congratulations to Daniil Z in Year 5, who became the 2020 state champion in Men's Artistic Gymnastics SA recently.

This is the third year that Daniil has entered the state championships and this year he won 6 gold medals out of all 6 apparatuses and the 1st place overall. What a fantastic result Daniil. Congratulations on an amazing achievement.

Science News R-3 Week 7

Over the next two weeks students will be looking closely at plants and will be producing labelled diagrams of flowers, stems, roots, etc.. 

It would be wonderful if students could bring a beautiful flower or plant to draw at the beginning of week 8 and 9.  Plants will be on display and will be shared by all classes.  Please leave items outside the JP Science room. Thank you.

Laura Brace - R-3 Science

From the Library T4 Week 7

Volunteer Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to our wonderful library volunteers. Our volunteers help with the shelving of returned books and the covering of all our new resources.

It’s been a particularly busy year and many of our volunteers have taken books home to cover – so thank you!  We greatly value the assistance of our volunteers and appreciate the time they make available for our school library.

End of Year

Borrowing has now finished for the year and all library books should be returned by the end of this week. Overdue notes and emails will come home showing books that are still outstanding.  If your child has any books borrowed on their name that can’t be found please help them have a look at home. The overdue note has a place where you can sign to acknowledge you have done this. Your child simply needs to return the note to us in the library and we will clear their borrowing record. Alternatively, please email Sophie on

Thank you, Sophie and Nicole

Diary Dates Term 4 2020

4/12/2020 Year 7 Social
9/12/2020 Whole School Transition
10/12/2020 Graduation
11/12/2020 End of Term 4 - Early Dismissal - 2.15pm

Happy Haven Vacation Care Dec/Jan

The Vacation Care Program for December/January School Holidays is now available.

We are heading on some fun filled excursions to Mitcham Cinemas, The Plaster Fun House, ZONE Bowling, Mitcham Library and Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. We will also be offering some exciting in days including a visit from Animals Anonymous, SCI World and BIKES SA. Book in now to avoid disappointment. Please note our new cancellation policy for Vacation Care is (Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to the day that has been booked)


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Concert Band

Congratulations to the Concert Band students who performed for the year 2 students on Wednesday 25th November. For Concert Band 2 students it was their very first performance and I was very proud of their efforts.

Thank you to Xavier H, Matilda M, Peter M, Rebecca M who were very confident in giving a solo instrument demo. We hope the band has encouraged the year 2 students to learn an instrument next year.

The Concert Band Picnic scheduled for Wednesday 2nd December will go ahead at this stage as we wait to hear an update on restrictions on December 1st. Should the updated restrictions prevent the Picnic going ahead students will be notified via the daily notices and families via Skoolbag. Please check on Tuesday for confirmation. Please return attendance slips to allow for an accurate Covid register and social distancing.

         Band_photo_2.jpg   Band_photo_3.jpg          

         Band_photo_4.jpg   Band_photo_1.jpg 

Science News - Space Seeds

We are very excited to share the news that Mitcham Primary School has been successfully selected as one of the 150 schools nationally that will participate in the inaugural program, “What’ll happen to the wattle??!”.  A big thank you to the year 6 students who helped to put together our application - Rebecca, Tilly, Michaela, Usman and Sam!

The One Giant Leap Australia Foundation is sending native golden wattle seeds to the International Space Station in early December, 2020. In collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) the seeds will live in space for six months, returning to Australia in time for Science Week 2021. Our school will receive the wattle seeds that have flown to space, plus seeds that have not. The seeds are from the same seed lot. We will germinate and grow the seeds, recording data about the germination and seed growth. The 12-month to 2 year project will result in the creation of a nationwide map identifying the location of Australia‘s 'space wattle’ trees

The seeds will head to space on the 21st commercial resupply services (CRS-21) mission, currently scheduled for Sunday 6 December at 3:09am Adelaide time, and you can watch it on NASA TV if you're awake! (see

Miriam Doull, 3-7 Science

What's Happening in Rooms 25, 26 & 27

We are happy to announce that we are now able to go on our bowling excursion next Tuesday 1st December. This excursion was due to coincide with our return from Canberra last week and with the new and rapid restrictions and school closure last week we were unable to go. Luckily, we have been able to reschedule this excursion and all students from Rooms 25, 26 and 27 are looking forward to it.

As part of the term theme, From the Past to the Future, last week the classes presented their Through the Decades projects. Students worked in groups to look back at various decades from 1950s to the 1990s. They presented the music, clothing, food, technology, and significant events of the decade in a fun and informative way.     

     Rooms_25_26_27_week_7-006.jpg     Rooms_25_26_27_week_7-007.jpg

Recently Rooms 25, 26 and 27 have been learning all about Ancient Egyptian life over the past term. Each student picked an area of passion to research and present a report on, accompanied with a handmade ‘relic’. On Tuesday, Week 7 we hosted an exhibition to learn from one another in our showcase morning. All students enjoyed learning about this ancient civilisation, sharing their knowledge and creating a diverse range of artefacts.  

     Rooms_25_26_27_week_7-002.jpg     Rooms_25_26_27_week_7-003.jpg     Rooms_25_26_27_week_7-004.jpg   

Canteen News

Thank you for all your support throughout the year whether it be volunteering or ordering for your children. We really appreciate it!

We wish to advise that as we are coming to the end of the school year, we will be running down our stock, so if you order something for your children and its unavailable, we will contact them, and they will be able to choose something else. This might not happen, but could you please let your child know so they are aware of the situation.

Thank you and we wish you a very merry festive season and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Kind regards,

Anita, Ann and Kerry

Composite Classes 2021

Composite, or multi-age, classes occur in schools for a number of reasons. Composite classes provide schools with more flexibility and options to ensure even class sizes and a balance of student social and academic needs within and across year levels.

All classes, whether a single year level or composite class group, have children with diverse learning needs and abilities. When planning for student learning, teachers take into consideration the strengths, prior knowledge and needs of every student. They use this as a starting point to design the learning and work from where each child is currently at. In any class, there will be teaching and learning that occurs as a whole class, in small groups and at an individual level.

Research tells us that high quality teaching and learning is the key to a successful learning environment in any classroom, not the structure or makeup of the class. There is no evidence that student learning may be hindered in a composite class.

We understand that the idea of composite classes may be unfamiliar to parents and have included some frequently asked questions and answers are below.

Does the placement of a child in a composite class mean that they are more or less able?

In every year level, children have diverse needs, skills and abilities. When placing children into class groups we aim to represent the full range of student abilities from a given year level, whether in a single year level class or a composite class. Children are not “chosen” to be in a composite class based on their learning achievement.

What are the benefits of a composite class?

Children in a composite class have the opportunity to mix socially and academically with a wide range of students. Children are able to work at their own rate within a community of learners and are able to learn from, and with, each other. Younger students have the opportunity to learn alongside older peers, and older students can show leadership and demonstrate high level understandings and complex thinking skills to model and explain their learning at designated times.

How do teachers cater for a range of abilities and year levels?

Teachers are trained in differentiating the curriculum to meet the varying abilities of their students. We have a very clear understanding of the curriculum requirements and expectations for each year level. Effective assessments of student learning ensure we know students’ needs, strengths and future learning points. Here are some strategies that we use:

  • Planning open-ended tasks that cater for a range of different abilities and allow learning to be demonstrated in different ways
  • Planning tasks that allow for different entry points and provide opportunities for extension and problem solving
  • Providing targeted small group and individual instruction based on learning needs and specific teaching points
  • Setting individual goals, challenges and projects which encourage children to demonstrate independence and responsibility in their learning
  • At times students will separate into year level groups for instruction; this may include linking with another composite class or working in smaller groups within the classroom.

“Research shows it makes no difference to performance whether students are in a straight year group or in a multi-age class – it’s the teacher who makes the difference.” Multi-age or composite classes:2008 to 2014, NSW Department of Education and Communities, January

An excellent link for more information