Student Mobile Phone and Device Policy

Over the past few weeks, staff, SRC students and Governing Council have provided input into the review of our MPS student mobile phone and device policy. This is in line with State Government policy that primary school students must not access mobile phones and personal electronic devices during school hours.

Whilst we already implement a policy where mobile phones are stored in the office, there are now many more students bringing phones to school, creating an issue for how to safely transport and store them in the office. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of students wearing smartwatches, which isn’t addressed in the current policy.

In consultation with students, staff and Governing Council, the following decisions have been made:

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and devices will be stored in a lockable cupboard in the classroom during school hours. We have purchased suitable storage containers for classes and are awaiting delivery.


Smartwatches without cellular capacity may be worn as a trial in 2021, however are only to be used as a timekeeping device. The associated phone must be switched off and placed in classroom lockable storage. Smartwatches with cellular capacity are considered in the same category as a mobile phone and must be stored in classroom lockable storage.

A form will be sent home for parents to advise teachers regarding students’ mobile phones and the cellular capacity of smartwatches.

The full policy can be accessed through this link and will be launched by the end of Term 2.

Indigenous Culture for Kids with Trent Hill

Our Reception classes were so excited to welcome Trent Hill to school on Tuesday to celebrate Reconciliation Week. Trent loves coming to our beautiful grounds and described how the Kaurna land that we learn on used to be covered in metre high reeds, grass and many more River Red gum trees thousands of years ago.

He also told us a special Dreaming story of ‘How the Koala lost its tail’. We were sad to hear that the koala had been selfish, lazy and greedy, stealing and hiding water just for himself. The other animals were so upset that they made a fire at the base of the koala’s tree to release the water which burnt off the koala’s tail! That is also why the koala needs to eat gum leaves to drink.

Aboriginal Dreaming stories are important for teaching rules for living and the importance of caring for the environment. We were so amazed to watch Trent make a small fire in front of our lizard just by rubbing sticks together! Did you know that fire has been used for thousands of years for warmth, cooking, making bush medicine, canoes and tools, for signalling and helping the land to regenerate?!

We also loved seeing Trent’s artefacts and listening to him play animal sounds on his didgeridoo. Trent is such a wonderful teacher of his culture and such a fun and friendly person. We hope he can come back to visit us again sometime soon.

Drawing_1_IMG_0237.jpg    Drawing_2_IMG_0236.jpg    Group_IMG_4796.jpg    IMG_0244.jpg 

 IMG_0248.jpg         Trent_Dreaming_story_IMG_0242.jpg    Trent_fire_2_IMG_0180.jpg    IMG_4811.JPG

From the Library Term 2 Week 5

On Wednesday 19 May, a number of our classes participated in National Simultaneous Storytime 2021. This event is held annually with children across Australia simultaneously reading the same book by an Australian author and illustrator to promote Australian authors and children’s literacy.

 This year, an estimated 1,980,280 readers Australia-wide read Give Me Some Space! by Phillip Bunting together. As a very special treat this year, students were able to hear the book read by NASA astronaut Dr. Shannon Walker from the International Space Station!

After reading the story, classes participated in a number of activities based around space. Several classes built or drew their own spaceships, and Mrs Judd’s Performing Arts class performed a movement activity based around space travel. The library ran a school-wide rocket competition – with students either building, drawing or colouring a rocket for the chance to win space-themed prizes, with many great entries received.

Mr Greenshields had the difficult job of choosing four winners. The lucky students were: Austin from Room 7, Hudson from Room 3, Clarrie from Room 19 and Emma from Room 28

Please enjoy our photos from this event.

               Storytime_1.jpg                    Storytime_2.jpg

From the Citizenship Committee

Last week on Wednesday the Citizenship Committee had the privilege of meeting Rebecca from Pegi Williams Book Shop.

She was here to introduce us to a wide range of new bestselling books. These varied from children’s books, to senior fiction and to non-fiction books. We chose a large stack of books to add to our selection in the school library.

By Avani and Michaela

Cross Country

On Friday of Week 2 we took 35 students to Belair National Park to compete in our Sapsasa District Cross Country Carnival, with students running through bush tracks for 2-3km. Students have been training before school since half way through Term 1 and the hard work paid off with Mitcham having the best results in the district with 12 students making it into the district team to compete at the State Cross Country Championships in Week 7. 

Congratulations to all students who competed hard for but especially to the following students who made the district team by finishing 1st to 6th in their race:

2nd George M

3rd Joseph C

1st Annabelle F

3rd Bethany D

6th Charlotte M

1st Aleks B

2nd Hugo S

6th Hugo C

5th Claire D

6th Mia M

5th Luciann TS

6th Chelsea B. 

Save the Date - Quiz Night 2021

One of the most anticipated nights of the school calendar is coming...

Don't forget to save the date and book the babysitters for the MPS Quiz Night 2021 on Saturday 18th September.

We will be appealing to our Mitcham Community and local businesses for donations for our silent auction, raffle and prizes so if you know of a business that may be able to help us, please feel free to contact the fundraising committee via the school on 8271 2227 or email  More details will be coming soon!

Winter Concert 2021

See attached flyer regarding Mitcham Primary School Winter Concert to be held on Wednesday 30th June in the Kurraka building.

School of Languages

The School of Languages is a government school that provides access, choice and continuity in a range of Languages, across the broader metropolitan area, to students from all schooling sectors, out-of-school hours. 

Places are now available, beginning in Term 3 (19th July 2021), for the R-7 Italian program we offer at Burnside PS (11 High St, Burnside) on Mondays from 3.30-5.00pm. See attached flyer.


On Tuesday, NAPLAN testing began for our Year 3, 5 and 7 students. During this week and next, they will be participating in tests for writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Apart from Year 3 writing, all of our NAPLAN tests are being conducted online.

We encourage parents and students to view NAPLAN as just one of the many different types of activities we do at school - it shouldn’t be a stressful time and does not replace ongoing assessments made by teachers about student performance. It is one way we gather information about how education programs are working and whether our students are meeting important educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

The online testing is progressing very smoothly at our school, with only a few minor technology issues which we have been able to resolve quickly in each instance.

Students who are absent on their scheduled testing days will be offered catch up sessions upon their return. All testing will be completed by next Friday. 

Mother's Day Stall

Thank you to all the families who purchased gifts from this year's Mother's Day Stall. The students were very careful when trying to select your special Mother's Day gifts. We hope you loved them!

Thanks to the Year 6 and 7 leaders and amazing mums who were able to help out with planning, setting up and serving on the day of the stall. We hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day celebration on Sunday.

Fundraising Committee