Urrbrae Wetlands Excursion

Rooms 1A, 4, 5 and 6 ventured to the Urrbrae Wetlands Learning Centre last week. Students saw first-hand how the wetlands are maintained and their purpose. Students got to have fun swooping, jiggling and sweeping to collect aquatic macroinvertebrates and looking at them under microscopes.

“I learnt about the trash racks, they collect rubbish so the water can be nice and clean. Someone comes with a digger to empty the trash racks and take it to the dump.” Remy S Room 5

“My favourite part of the excursion was collecting the bugs and looking at them under the microscope. I saw lots of details up close.” Lily K Room 6

     Wetlands_1.jpg     Wetlands_2.jpg     Wetlands_3.jpg     Wetlands_4.jpg

“I learnt how clean the water is, we tested it by looking down through a tube with a black and white bottom. If you could see the bottom it was clean, if you couldn’t see the bottom it was not clean. I learnt the leaf litter absorbs oxygen from the water, so we don’t want leaf litter in our wetland.” Rafan N Room 4

“My favourite part was catching the creatures because we got to put them on a plate and look at them close up under a microscope. There were so many different ones including a baby yabbie.” Baani M Room 1A
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