Sustainability STEM Learning - Vegepods

Last year we applied to Landcare Australia for a grant for us to obtain 3 Vegepods for students to grow their own vegetables and plants. With the disruptions of COVID last year we have finally had time to get our project rolling. Vegepods are a sustainable solution to growing with minimal stress on the environment.

Students in N5 and N6 have been looking at sustainability and how being more sustainable can help our future. This STEM unit will have students look for a sustainability problem to solve.

Vegepods_2.jpg     Vegepods_3.jpg

Our students showed problem solving, collaboration, co-operation and resilience in constructing the Vegepods (all while having fun!).

The Vegepods are just the beginning!

We would like to thank Emma Hunt and Harry Ebert for organising the Vegepod grant, and Bunnings Edwardstown for kindly donating soil products, gardening tools, a seed raising mini greenhouse, seedlings, and seeds for us to plant and use. Without this wonderful donation the project may not have got off the ground. More gardening news to come later next term.

     Vegepods_1.jpg     collage.png