Student Mobile Phone and Device Policy

Over the past few weeks, staff, SRC students and Governing Council have provided input into the review of our MPS student mobile phone and device policy. This is in line with State Government policy that primary school students must not access mobile phones and personal electronic devices during school hours.

Whilst we already implement a policy where mobile phones are stored in the office, there are now many more students bringing phones to school, creating an issue for how to safely transport and store them in the office. In addition, we are seeing an increase in the number of students wearing smartwatches, which isn’t addressed in the current policy.

In consultation with students, staff and Governing Council, the following decisions have been made:

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and devices will be stored in a lockable cupboard in the classroom during school hours. We have purchased suitable storage containers for classes and are awaiting delivery.


Smartwatches without cellular capacity may be worn as a trial in 2021, however are only to be used as a timekeeping device. The associated phone must be switched off and placed in classroom lockable storage. Smartwatches with cellular capacity are considered in the same category as a mobile phone and must be stored in classroom lockable storage.

A form will be sent home for parents to advise teachers regarding students’ mobile phones and the cellular capacity of smartwatches.

The full policy can be accessed through this link and will be launched by the end of Term 2.