Science News Term 3 Week 6

Science Week Excursion - Rooms 15, 16, 22 & 28
On Friday 20 August four classes from Mitcham Primary School were lucky enough to go on an excursion to Urrbrae Agricultural High School for Science Week.

Collage_2021-08-20_19_18_17.jpg  Collage_2021-08-20_19_12_44.jpg   Collage_2021-08-24_15_07_11.jpg

We watched crystals growing under microscopes, fired projectiles (marbles) from spring loaded launchers to see how far we could make them go, and saw a fun science show including the presenter laying on a bed of nails, as well as (safely) setting his hand on fire! We patted sheep, goats, alpaca, chickens and saw many other farm and native animals that are cared for at Urrbrae. The sun was out all day, and we had a fabulous day learning about all sorts of science and nature.

Oliphant Science Awards

Mitcham Primary School had 14 entries in the Oliphant Science Awards this year, including board games, robotics, multimedia, models, posters and photography. All students who entered should be proud of their commitment, organisation and the quality of their work. Unfortunately we didn't win a prize this year, but there's always next year!  Well done to all who gave it a go.
Miriam Doull and Laura Brace - Science Teachers