Science News

It has been an incredibly busy and messy term learning Chemistry.  Students have had so much fun exploring materials and how they react with each other.

Your children were involved in many of the following experiments: Oobleck slime, Borax slime, putty, wizard's brew, perfume potions, chromatography, lemonade, marshmallow towers, travelling ink, sherbet, bubbles, snow, chocolate dipped food,  melting experiments, gummy bears in different solutions, popcorn, rainbow paper, rainbow liquids & decomposing materials.  Students have learnt about solids, liquids and gases and their properties.  I have learnt to not give Receptions black sticky slime to play with!  (Just putty!!)

I have been so impressed by the way students have adopted new scientific language into their oral language when speaking with peers, as well as writing up experiments.  We have had a big focus this term to use Scientific vocabulary wherever possible.

I would love to give a great big thank you to Rick Irving, a grandparent in the school.  He has given up a lot of his time to collect and label rocks, fossils and seeds to donate to the Science room.  These donations make the Science room so engaging for students. 

I'm getting excited about putting away the slime for another year, and setting up a Biology classroom next term.  The room will be filled with plants and animals.  Students love donating mini beasts to the classroom (dead and alive) as well as beautiful flowers and plants from their garden.  All of these interesting items are greatly appreciated so I can provide many hands-on experiences. 

Have a lovely Spring break. See if you can collect things for the Science room.

Laura Brace - R-4 Science