Room 17 and 18 Businesses update

There’s still time to purchase an item from our Room 17 and 18 ‘Kidpreneurs’!

Over the last term, students from Rooms 17 and 18 have been working on creating and managing their own entrepreneurial pursuits through the Economics and Business curriculum. Students were required to investigate the needs and wants of their target markets, consider costs and potential revenue to determine profitability, market their businesses and products with carefully designed logos and advertisements, and even design 3D ‘virtual shopfronts’ (which can be viewed by scanning the QR codes on posters found around the school!).

Students have been extremely engaged in the learning and creating process with many business lessons learnt along the way.

So far, over 200 sales have been made with a goal to raising $1,000 for the RSPCA. Pictured are just some of the products available, including scented candles, kokedamas, slime, and motivational fridge magnets! Check out the full range of businesses and products under Room 17 and 18 Businesses on the QKR app.

 Kidpreneurs_1.jpg   Kidpreneurs_2.jpg   Kidpreneurs_3.jpg   Kidpreneurs_4.jpg