R-4 Science with Mrs Brace

Term 2 has been a busy and exciting time for exploring Physics.  Classes have learnt that engineers and scientists use their knowledge of forces and motion to design things.  Year 1's have explored light and sound through a variety of experiments and have learnt all about invisible sound vibrations and bending light through prisms to make rainbows.

Year 3's have made discoveries that metal materials conduct heat better than plastic and are therefore better for melting chocolate.  Who doesn't love a chocolate fondue experiment? Yum!!  All students have focused on developing their scientific language to describe forces on moving objects.  (Paper helicopters, aeroplanes, hoop gliders, kites, physics toys, marble runs) It has been so rewarding observing students using scientific vocabulary in their speaking and writing. 

"The clips we added to our paper helicopter caused gravity to pull it faster to the ground just like we had predicted."
 "We need to create more momentum to keep the marble moving."
 "Friction allowed us to control the speed of the marble run."
 "I can see my marble travelling through the transparent tube."
 Our second helicopter with larger wings flew to the ground slowly due to extra air resistance.
 "We designed a sneaker sole with lots of bumps and grooves adding friction so the basketballer wouldn't slip over."