Performing Arts News - Stars In The Arena

On Saturday 11 September, 51 Mitcham students participated in this years Festival of Music choir performance at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It was a massive feat with students meeting at school at 12:30 travelling to the AEC to rehearse.

They were given a short break to eat and have photos taken before returning to the stage for the performance at 7:00pm. It was an amazing spectacle of sound, lighting and laser effects and even finished (to the surprise of students) with fireworks. Despite the teachers being exhausted, students were still full of energy and gave us a surprisingly good rendition of "Sweet Caroline" on the bus trip home. Congratulations to all performers!

Digital download spare forms are available in Mr Ebert's room and should be returned to the office upon payment. Links will be sent directly to families once the video has been published. Please be patient, it might take a few weeks.

 Amanda Rugari