Mylor Camp 2022

Student reflections on Mylor Camp ....

Mylor Adventure Camp was an amazing experience to create new friends and meet new people. It is well planned and great fun including the challenge course, flying fox, nature village, canoeing, bridge building, raft making, bouldering and initiative pursuits. All these activities build up friendship, courage, teamwork, strength and discussion with pupils.


Meals were a work in progress, they had great protein and had amazing nutrition. Mylor staff provided enough food so we had decent energy for the activities. The dorms at Mylor adventure camp were well and truly set out, clean and heated. Good bathroom with everything needed. Overall it was a great experience and amazing funBy Bethany & Emily N1

We went to Mylor for camp at the very end of the term from Wednesday the 28th to Friday the 30th. At the start to the end of camp we did activities with 10 minutes in-between to get changed. My highlight was spending time with my friends, especially in my group. The main friends I hung out with were Kaitlyn, Zoe and Isla. My favourite food on camp was the lasagne, it was delicious and I loved it. My favourite activity at camp was the bridge making because I didn’t get wet. If I could change one thing at camp it would be not sitting on Abby’s bed because it moved and I slipped. By Scarlett N6

We went there for 3 days and 2 nights. We slept in a cabin with 8- 12 other kids. My highlight of the camp was the lasagne which reminded me of my grandparents and then my favourite activity was the flying fox because it felt like I was flying. I loved all the activities and the food. My favourite food was the lasagne, burgers and the wraps that we had because the foods always filled me up for the day again. I also loved the cookies for supper  which were so big and my brother was so jealous. My favourite activity was the flying fox and canoeing because I love water and canoeing was a great experience. I loved the feeling that I was flying when I was on the flying fox, I also liked raft making because we beat the boys! If I could change one thing it would be how cold and windy it was because it made it really cold coming out of the water. By Abbie N6 

 Camp_3.jpg Camp_4.jpgWe went to camp Mylor with N5, N1 and N2. At camp Mylor we did a lot of activities such as bridge building, challenge course, kayaking, flying fox, nature village, initiative pursuit, bouldering and raft making. My highlight was the warm dormitory after the wet and cold activities and the coldness outside the dormitories. My favourite food was the cookies for supper they were hard and crunchy and with the chocolate chips it made it perfect. My favourite activities were bouldering and kayaking, it was so fun I could have done it again. I would change the food I did not enjoy it a lot and some was not to my liking of taste. The dinner and lunch were different to what I usually eat at school and home.By Zoe N6

Mylor Adventure Park was thrilling camp. The activities felt like they were survival routines that were truly sensational. The Flying Fox, Canoeing and the Challenge Course ignites a spark throughout your entire body. After the physical and mental strain and workout we were provided with delicious food and a long break to get us prepared for our next activity. The activities were creating stronger and long-lasting friendships. By Jayneil N1 and Alexander N1

Together N6, N5, N1 and N2 went to camp Mylor, all three classes stayed for 2 nights and 3 days and arrived back to school on the 30th at 2:15 on the last day of term. My highlight of camp was going on the kayaks and getting to stay with 11 other friends in one huge cabin! On the kayaks luckily, no one fell into the river but even if someone did they were wearing a life jacket. On camp we did kayaking which was my favourite, then the challenge course which was the muddy and wettest activity, initiative pursuit, and bouldering was the driest, nature village and raft building was also fun because you got to build anything you wanted with the things you had and my team won! Flying fox was super fun and lastly, we did bridge building and someone pushed me in the water; it was really annoying. All of the food was good but my favourite meal was probably the lasagne with the garlic bread, I rated that meal a 9 ½   out of ten! My favourite activity was the kayaking because you got to go down the river and then all the kayaks got lined up in the middle of the water then they picked to people to switch places, so you would have to stand up on the kayak in the middle of the river and climb over 3 kayaks to then sit down on the other kayak.  One thing I would change would probably be to pack more cloths because every day like 2 pairs of clothes and socks got muddy and wet and I had to wear a pair of socks twice! By Kailtyn N6

The Mylor Adventure Camp was an amazing opportunity to make new friends and meet new people, it encouraged teamwork throughout all the activities. The activities tested your mental and physical strength leaving us drained. Luckily we had delicious food to lift us back up to prepare for our next activity. Our favourite activities were the Flying Fox, Nature Village and then Challenge course.  After a long, tiring day we had a warm bed to go back to. The cabins had capacity of 6-12 (not including parents) people and had 4-6 bunk beds. The boys’ cabins had been newly renovated leaving them with carpet floors and nicer bathrooms, whereas the girls’ cabins needed a renovation sometime soon. Overall it was a fantastic camp that exceeded our expectations. By Abby N1 and Mehr N1

We did 8 activities on camp such as kayaking, challenge course, flying fox, bridge building, initiative pursuits, bouldering, raft building, and nature village. My highlight was probably challenge course because we won in the last challenge which was passing a bucket of water and we had to have our feet on a concrete slab without spilling the water. My favourite meal was probably the lasagne because it was so soft and tasty. I also liked the breakfast meal because we got apple juice or orange juice and we got toast we also got cereal and pancakes with maple syrup. My favourite activity was kayaking because we didn’t’ get wet except for our bottoms and me and my partner (Zoe) we were the best at it. If I could have changed anything I would haver changed the weather because it was so cold I just wanted to stay in my cabin. By Isla N6

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