From the Library Term 3 Week 6

Book Week

We have celebrated Book Week with many activities in the Library. Classes have enjoyed taking part in the Book Week competition and quiz; many children have had their photos taken with the Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds cut outs; classes have been reading books from the shortlist and creating marvellous art for the library; and, the Great Book Swap has been busy all week with children bringing gold coin donations and choosing a book or two to take home.

 A special thank you to everyone for bringing along books to donate to the Great Book Swap. All money raised will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

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Big Read

On Thursday children were excited to move around the school for the Big Read. Classes were mixed R-7 with students enjoying interacting with those in younger and older years. Teachers shared favourite books and then everyone completed an activity. There were chalk drawings, frog pegs, monster book marks, Truffula trees, oops’ made into beautiful drawings, chameleons showing their true colours, chocolate games, bin chickens taking selfies…. What did your child do?

Premiers Reading Challenge

On Wednesday Rooms 1, 2 and 3 had a visit from Premiers Reading Challenge Ambassador and puppeteer, Sue Harris and Premiers Reading Challenge Manager, Mark Williams. Sue detailed the importance of reading to develop her puppet characters and encouraged all students to complete the Premiers Reading Challenge. Sue and her beautiful puppets had the children laughing along with their antics.

For those students who have not quite finished the Premiers Reading Challenge, the closing date is next Friday, 3 September. If students need any help please send them to see us in the library.

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