Community Project

Mitcham Primary School Families Give Back to the Community Project

This year Mitcham Primary School has chosen Puddle Jumpers as a local charity for the whole school community to support. On Thursday 18th September, Melanie Tate the CEO of Puddle Jumpers and Bailee came to our Ngungana Assembly and talked to us about the work they do to support marginalised families. Puddle Jumper’s aim is to ensure all children have joyous moments that are stress free.

Puddle Jumpers have changed a lot of children’s lives and have lots of ways they help kids. They have activity days where they take kids to fun and enjoyable places like the zoo or roller skating. They also have camps which is great for siblings to reunite if they are living in different homes than each other. On the camps each child has their own volunteer who is there just for them. The last thing they do to help is food assistance. Puddle Jumpers provide food assistance seven days per week for families where they can come and pick up food for free. Community food nights are held every Monday so families can enjoy a free tea/coffee and a home cooked meal as well as select pantry items and toiletries to take home.  Now you see why Puddle Jumpers is such an important charity for all ages!

We will ask every class in the school to bring something to help children in need. Each class has been allocated an item to purchase, please make sure that only new items are provided.

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The Citizenship Committee - Abigail, Roman, Zain and Abby.