Homework Policy

While homework is not compulsory, the Education Department has guidelines about the time that students should spend on homework tasks. The chart below sets out clearly the maximum amount of homework that students should undertake. We actively encourage students in all year levels to spend at least some time each evening reading. 

Reception - Year 2
Year 3 - 4
Year 5 - 6

Should be encouraged to read every night.

Up to 20 minutes over 4 days per week.

Practise any words sent home by the class teacher.

Should read every night.

Up to 20 minutes on 4 nights per week may be set aside for Homework tasks.

Should read every night. 

Up to 30 minutes on 4 nights per week may be set aside for Homework tasks.

The setting of homework is standard practice for students in these year levels.

Homework will consist of ….

  • • Set tasks or ‘longer-term’ contracts, which will have negotiated timeframes.
  • • ‘Practice’ tasks which will give students a chance to consolidate newly learnt concepts.
  • • Tasks that were not completed in class time and which your child will need to ‘catch up’.

Homework can assist student learning. It should never be too onerous or stressful. It is an opportunity for your child to take responsibility for their own learning and to establish routine study habits. Students are only ever expected to do what you consider is a reasonable effort within the designated time. Sometimes this will mean that your child is not able to completely finish a task. A note in the diary explaining this will be appreciated to save anxiety on the part of your child.

Children learn best when parents and teachers work collaboratively to provide the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes for their students. We realise that homework can assist in this process. However, if you have strong objections to your child engaging in any set learning activities after school hours, please let your child’s teacher know so that unnecessary anxiety is avoided.

Policy update and review

The school council and staff regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of the Homework policy (at least every three years) and revise the policy when required.

Policy last reviewed May 2020. Next review May 2023.

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