Adverse Weather Conditions

On all days of adverse weather conditions, the following procedures will be actioned at break times. Adverse weather conditions include: 

  • Wet weather 
  • Extreme weather – dust storms, electrical storms, strong winds, etc.
  • Hot weather - if the estimated maximum temperature (from 8.00 am weather forecast) is 36°C or greater, a daily notice will advise the probability of hot weather procedures. The actual temperature will be confirmed at 12 noon and class teachers informed if hot weather procedures are NOT to go ahead (predicted 36°C temperature not reached). Note: Hot weather procedure is only effective at lunchtime. Recess time proceeds as usual unless the temperature has already exceeded 36°C.

Should the weather improve from the adverse conditions, the leadership team will inform teachers or, in the case of wet weather or storms, sound a ringing bell which will indicate that outdoor play is now reinstated. There will be a minimum of 10 minutes between sirens.


  • Stay in classrooms and their class teacher supervises and/or works with a buddy teacher to ensure appropriate duty of care.
  • Access the canteen with permission from supervising teacher.
Classroom Teachers
  • Offer classroom activities – working with a buddy teacher to ensure duty of care.
  • The existing yard duty roster is cancelled.
Specialist Teachers
  • Release classroom teachers where required, monitor corridors, or undertake other duties as directed.
Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principals
  • Ensure staff are informed through the Daily Notes when Hot Weather Procedures are to be implemented. 
  • Sound the Adverse Weather Siren (ringing bell) at the beginning or during the break for Wet or Extreme weather conditions. 
  • Work with classroom teachers as buddies if required.
  • Ensure this procedure is included in Parent Information Booklet and regularly referred to in the Newsletter.
  • Monitor canteen, toilets, and outdoor movement.

Policy update and review

The school council and staff regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of the Adverse Weather Conditions Policy (at least every three years) and revise the policy when required.

Policy last reviewed May 2020. Next review May 2023.

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