Central Markets & SA Museum Excursion

Over the term, we have been learning the structure and language features of response texts. The following is a response text, written by Mariah in Room 27, of our excursion in Week 3.

A Day in SA

Fascinating, factual, and fun. These are just some of the ways to describe the SA Museum and Central markets excursion. On the 27th of October, the Year 6/7's from rooms 27, 26, and 25 headed to the Museum and Central Markets. This excursion was organised to help spark any ideas for their upcoming business stall project and Egyptian passion project. Personally, I enjoyed this excursion as most others did.

Our group first went to the Central Markets. There were many stalls that had produce of meat, vegetables, treats, gifts, and fast food. The markets are a great place to roam around and have your five senses fulfilled. The colours, smells, sights, tastes, and sounds! One of our tasks was to ask a stallholder five questions and write down their reply. For example, “How long does it take to set up your stall?” I felt that asking these questions helped us not only boosting our confidence but also with our upcoming business and economics project when we will make our own creative stall.

An Egyptian mummy in front of me! I was shocked to see two mummies in the Egyptian exhibit. In the SA museum, there was a whole room for Egypt's history. To see this exhibit, it helped kick-start our minds for the Egyptian passion project back in the classroom. Also, when you first walk into the museum there is a huge monument of an ancient pillar with hieroglyphs (ancient Egyptian language) on it. I felt very privileged to touch it. It was all the way from Egypt!

To finish off, the excursion was a great place to learn and try new things. Although the walk was long it was worth it at the end.

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